Days of Grace March 2020

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Days of Grace 

March Edition 2020 / Reverend Bonnie J Whittier 



Grace United Church of Christ

100 Fourth Street

Hanover PA 17331

(717) 632-1146 

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NEW Church Office Hours: Monday / 9am to 2pm Tuesday thru Thursday / 9am to 5pm 

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Meet us on Sunday Mornings!!! 

9 to 9:45am for the Early Service

9:45 to 10:30am for Church School

10:45am for the Late Service 

Jr Church & Messy Church & Coffee Fellowship Schedule inside this edition! 

Info/Prayer/Bible Study Line Daily Updates 717-632-1819 

No access code needed, just listen, enjoy and hang up! 

Pastor’s cell phone: 717-324-6639 E-mail address: 

“ I really want to hear, and I appreciate what you have to say; my door is open, stop in anytime.”  

Visitation Leader: Patricia A. Miller Cell Phone: 717-451-1913 Email: 

• Organist/Choir Director: Harold E Heller 

• Modern Service Worship Director:  Amy Fawks

• Modern Service Music Coordinator: Kathy Trimmer

Sextons: Sandy Puterbaugh & Faye Myers 


What fills Your Days of Grace ? 

Committee Reports 2

For Your Information 8

Grace Seniors Reservation slip 12

Hanover Area Council of Churches 10

On a Personal Note 6

SonLite 7

This Month 5

Volunteer Opportunities 10 

Fun stuff throughout! 



Consistory Digests 

February 2020 Consistory Digest 

There were 14 members present including Pastor Bonnie Whittier and Greg Sindlinger. Treasurer’s Report: 

General pledge for January 2020: $10,683.19 (4 Sundays)

General pledge for January 2019: $10,976.00 (4 Sundays)

YTD 2020 income: $16,020.89

YTD 2020 expenses: $18,871.16

YTD shortage: $2,850.27

Checking account balances: 

Deacon: $19,389.10

Education: $12,610.86

Memorial: $939,097.79

Resource: $2,766.67

Operating: $31,467.25 

The January Treasurer’s report showed a deficit of $2,850. There were several extraordinary items included in that total. There were three payroll dates in January, this increased expenses by $5,000 above the average. We can use the Zeigler Estate funds to pay for “Repairs and Maintenance” this helped by $1,099. Lastly, the 2019 Peanut Brittle net profit of $7,221 was made available to cover the “Ladies of Grace” expenses. Without extraordinary items our deficit would have been $6,000. 

Carroll Miller reported the Finance Committee met several times in January to decide how to handle the gift from the Zeigler Estate. Our first thought was that we should seek a different money management program than what we already have. We received proposals from Tim Ohm at Miller, Brown, Ohm; and Kathy Becker at Wells Fargo Advisors. Both folks gave excellent presentations. Both programs were money management programs, which mean that we would pay an annual fee of 1 to 1.25% but there are no transaction fees. After discussions, we liked both programs and presenters. The committee decided to hire them both. We will give the Zeigler funds to Miller, Brown, Ohm and move the funds that are now at Lincoln Investments to Wells Fargo Advisors. 

Craig Bixler reported Jarrod Myers, estimator with Heidler Roofing, was contacted regarding asbestos entry into fresh air return ducts and possible start time for the roof repairs. Mr. Myers stated we should find any vents to the air conditioning and kitchen stove hood. These vents should be closed until after all asbestos removal on the roof is completed. Currently, Heidler has a short work backlog and may be able to begin work at Grace in March. 

Patti Miller reported during January, she visited 36 members (some repeated) including nursing homes, rehab, the

Hanover and Gettysburg Hospitals, and private residences. She stopped to say farewell to Sue Maddox and wrote her a special poem to celebrate her and wish her well. Patti has not been able to see Doris Groupe at Transitions for the past ten days, since they are quarantined. She has been making a concerted effort to remember everyone’s birthday and will send Valentine’s cards to everyone. 

Pastor Bonnie reported after prayer and discernment, she made the decision to go back to communion 8 times per year. She will offer communion once a month in her office for people who want it. She is thinking the 3rd Tuesday of each month between 11 AM and 1PM. Pastor Bonnie is in the midst of preparing for Lent. The Ash Wednesday Service will be at 7 PM February 26th. We will have three Wednesday evening discussion times: March 11th & 25th and April 1st – each at 7 PM. The Lenten theme is “Will Easter matter to Grace UCC?” Pastor Bonnie also reported Weis Market and Giant now sell beer and wine. Gift cards to those grocery stores will no longer be given to those who need food. Some food, diapers, and formula will be kept on hand for people who need assistance. 

The Red Cross asked Grace if we could host blood drives every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of each month. They would need access to the church from noon to 7 PM. We would need to set up eight tables and 20 chairs. We would not have to recruit donors. They would pay Grace $150 per week. The Consistory decided having the Red 

Cross Bloodmobile at Grace would be good outreach. Grace could supply water and juice bottles to blood donors. The head ushers for each month would be responsible for locking the doors at 7:00 PM. A list of Wednesday dates that are needed for Grace activities will be compiled and sent to the Red Cross. 

The Consistory voted to purchase a Shark Vacuum for up to $127 for the sextons to use at Grace. 

Prepared by Craig Bixler 2-15-20 


February 9, 2020 Consistory Reorganization Meeting Digest 


Rev. Bonnie Whittier in attendance Patti Miller in attendance Greg Sindlinger in attendance. 

Deacons in attendance: Barry Bankert, Becky Boyer, David Fawks, Carroll Miller, Justin Moul, Cathy Reck, Judy Rummel, Michael Tasto II 

Elders in attendance: Craig Bixler, Sue Fuhrman, Mike Mummert, Joann Sites 

Officers were elected and assignments made for committees and teams. 

2020 Consistory Officers: President: Sue Fuhrman Vice President: David Fawks Treasurer: Carroll Miller Assistant Treasurer: Linda Bixler Secretary: Craig Bixler Assistant Secretary: Justin Moul Greg Sindlinger will serve as the Consistory mediator in 2020. 



2020 Trustees: Mike Mummert, Michael Tasto, Paul McIlwee, (Collin Erney, David Fawks, Ed Spindler, and Mike Whittier – extra help if needed)

Congregational Vote Results for

Sanctuary Shingle Replacement 

The results from the February 9 congregation vote to have Heidler Roofing replace the shingles on the sanctuary roof and do other repairs as needed was: 

75 YES 2 NO

Heidler may get started on the roof as early as March. More details will follow. 

Resource Committee Report 

We have completed our first of many more-to- come projects. Profit on our chicken corn soup was $541.21. The Easter candy is underway. We are looking for YOUR order. 

Don’t miss a wonderful educational and beautiful 3-day trip! April 19th through 21st. See God’s majesty up close – the Luray Caverns then the grand New River Gorge & Bridge. Explore a coal mine and Meet the Miner’s Wife who “after returning home for the day” will tell us of her family and their life’s story. Tour the famous Greenbrier Resort and see “The Bunker” underneath, built to house our government leaders if needed during the “Cold War Era.” Another neat spot is “Tamarack.” In the past 20 years, 1⁄2 million visitors have come here from all over to see the local artisans at work, and much of their work is for sale! It will be Amazing! You are WELCOME to join us! 

The Spring Tea is being held on April 15th – 

tickets are available now! Get your group together! We are accepting items now for our annual yard sale, remember, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Saturday, May 9th (Rain date Saturday May 16th.) 

That’s All Folks! M J

Flower Committee Report

We don't have a flower committee, but if we did, they would report that We Want Flower Sponsors!!! Pastor Bonnie is doing a beautiful job with the flowers on Sundays, but the florist called last week to make sure we didn’t forget about her! Check out the Altar Flower Chart on the bulletin board in the large transept and sign up for your special day! (seriously …. she did call … I’m just sayin’ ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


EACH 15th of EVERY Month

Submit your articles to: 

Newsletters available for pick up on and after the last Sunday of each month. See office for additional copies when needed.


The Easter Bonnet Committee 

The Committee would like to report that Pastor has already procured her Easter Chapeau for the High Holy Day’s presentations and cordially invites her sister members to don their best!

A little bit o’fun with …..SMART WORDS 

www.penguin.con & Mim Harrison @ 

“Certain occasions call for the zinger verb, others for the killer adjective, still others for the one-syllable wonder or the lofty literary allusion. If you want to be known as a language savant,* here’s the book to galvanize* you.” 

Confute: to disprove (kun-FYOOT) 

Rhymes with refute, which is another way to say it. 

Copernicus confuted the idea that the sun revolved round the earth. 

Deracinate: to uproot (di-RASS-i-nat) 

Don’t get attached to this word. It’s likely to pull up its roots anytime. 

People who relocate frequently can feel deracinated, always pulling up stakes and never putting down roots.


This Month… March 2020 Here @ Grace! 



8th Junior Church, Messy Church, Early Church, Late Church,

and don't forget Coffee Consistory Fellowship! Come and get some Church!

9th Consistory Meeting @ 7pm

10th SewingGroup @ 9am, ** Holy Communion @ 11am

11th Lenten Discussion @ 7pm

15th Easter Candy order Deadline

17th St Patrick’s Day

18th Board of Education @ 6pm

20th Movie Night 

21st Ambient Grace Rehearsal

25th Lenten Discussion @ 7pm

3rd, 6th, 13th, 31st

Candy Makin’ in the Kitchen 

Wednesday Evening Lenten Discussion March 11th – March 25th – April 1st 

This Lenten season join us for discussions on some of the lesser know characters in the Easter story.

We will begin @ 7pm in the Sanctuary. 

Mark Your Calendars!

See more detailed articles in the rest of this edition. 

March 28th VBS Workshop

April 25th Grace UCC has Talent, Proceeds benefit local SPCAs

May 1st New Hope Ministries wraps up the Spring Food Drive for Give Local York

July 19th – 23rd VBS – Rocky Railway 



On a Personal Note:


We received a letter from Susan Maddox. Please read it here in its entirety. 


Dear Congregation, 

I am very grateful of the prayers, cards, visits, phone calls, transportation to appointments, delivery of groceries and the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner from the choir. 

I miss seeing all of you at Sunday School, church, choir and sewing group. The fellowship at Grace has been a great source of support these several years. I always looked forward to the services on Sunday. It is one of many things I will miss most. 

I am looking forward to my new adventure in Arizona and living close to my daughter and her husband. 

With Warm thoughts and thanks, Susan Maddox


Beginning NOW, please use this newest contact information: 

Susan Maddox, 7900 N La Canada Dr., Apt #1232, Tucson, AZ 85704 





Certificate of Appreciation from the Marine Corps League to Grace United Church of Christ 

for support of the Wreaths Across America Program

honoring Veterans at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery 


Shining a light on groups and events so you see what’s going on! 

Grace UCC has Talent! 

An EVENT Created & Hosted by Grace UCC Confirmation Class! 

A Fund Raiser to benefit our local SPCAs! A light meal to be served after the show. 

$5 each adult – each child enters free with gift from the Wish List! You may specify your gifts be donated to either York or Adams County SPCA. *** Find the Wish List further inside this edition. *** PARKING is FREE 




2020 Lenten journey / Blessing Calendar / OGHS 

“I feel blessed …” 

Do you have your copy of the Blessing Calendar for this year’s One Great Hour of Sharing Collection? 

One Great Hour of Sharing is an annual event supported by our Penn Central Conference. Find your calendar – Pick up your “box” and start your Lenten blessings journey to help contribute to the cause. 


VBS! Here’s your Sign! 

Sunday, July 19- Thursday, July 23

Theme: Rocky Railway – Jesus' Power Pulls Us Through 

VBS Workshop: Saturday, March 28 from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at Calvary Lutheran Church in Dover 

Contact Linda Bixler if you are interested in attending the workshop or helping with VBS.


Serving in March…

If anyone is unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for, please find a substitute and contact Elaine in the office. 


Head Ushers: Justin Moul, Jenn Weaver


Ushers: Please arrive by 10:15am / We will begin posting 2 ushers @ the Sanctuary doors and 2 ushers @ the large Tran- sept doors. Please receive your assigned placement from the Head Usher. Thank You


1st Barry Bankert, Paul Grote, Kim Aumen, Steve Hershey, Leslie Grote

8th Barry Bankert, Paul Grote, Kim Aumen, Steve Hershey, Leslie Grote

15th Becky Boyer, Luke Highlands, Kris Benner, Debbie Wierman, Levi Highlands

22nd Becky Boyer, Luke Highlands, Kris Benner, Debbie Wierman, Levi Highlands

29th Carroll Miller, Allison Myers, Fay Emlet, David Myers, Faye Myers




1st Faye Myers

8th Patti Miller

15th Rick Boyer

22nd TBA

29th TBA




1st Sally & Kerry Durika

8th Bonnie Miller

15th Deb Weirman

22nd Dave Fawks

29th Bonnie Miller


Acolyte for 10:45 service


1st Nathan Knopp

8th Luke Highlands

15th Ethan Shank

22nd Brayden Myers

29th Levi Highlands 


For Your Information 

Pastor Bonnie wants to keep non-perishable food items, hygiene items, diapers & wipes and formula in a closet here for people in need. 

If you are able to donate something to this cause, please bring it to the office. 

Thank You!


Wish List / Local SPCAs 

Here are a few items from each web- sites’ Wish List. Please take a moment to visit each website for more details. Some restriction do apply. 


York County

sm bags of treats

Canned food 

Guinea pig food


hand sanitizer

pee pads

Giant/Weis cards

Visa gift cards


Adams County

Cat & Dog toys

Canned Kitten food

postage stamps

disinfectant wipes

Dog food (sensitive stomach)

Lowes/Walmart gift cards

dish soap

Cat & Dog collars



Easter Candy! 

Once again we happily offer Handmade Easter Candy!! Attractively packaged for your enjoyment or gift giving. Our mixed boxes include coconut, peanut butter, rice krispies, peanut butter marshmallow eggs, marshmallow eggs, peanut clusters and raisin clusters plus a few small Easter shaped pieces. 

Order deadline March 15th 


Collecting Cancelled Stamps The Brethren Home 

Please remember to drop your cancelled stamps into the collection box inside the Alley / Office door 

Community Courier recently published an article about this project called the Stamp Project at Cross keys Village. “Donated stamps are carefully prepared, organized, and sold as “lots” to philatelic resellers.” “Proceeds from this activity net more than $4000 in profit each year, generously given to the Good Samaritan Fund…” 


Thursday Evening Book Group continues in the Parlor beginning at 6:30pm 


Messy Church


The next Messy Church is Sunday, March 8, during Sunday School and Youth Church. 

Messy Church provides families the opportunity to learn about God through fun, fellowship, and creativity. Bible stories are shared through story- telling, crafts, and music. 

Previously Messy Church was held on Friday nights with a light meal also served. This year Messy Church is held on Sundays during the Sunday School/ Youth Church time. Another option is to hold Messy Church after the second service and provide a light lunch. We would like to know your thoughts. A survey will be given to families this spring. Options: 

Messy Church on Friday with a light meal 

Messy Church on Sunday during Sunday 

School/Youth Church 

Messy Church on Sunday following the 

second service with a light lunch served 

If you have any ideas you would like to share or are interested in helping with Messy Church, please contact Linda Bixler 717-632-5606. 



Special Needs! March (the council is always in need of grocery bags) 


Sugar Stuffing

BBQ Sauce

#10 Cans of Potatoes 


Family size toiletries 


Bathroom Cleaner

Twin Air mattress

Lysol Spray 


Entrees & Drinks

All single serving please! 

We also received a letter of thanks from the Hanover Area Council of Churches regarding our overall donations and support which they received from us during 2019. Our Ladies of Grace were acknowledged for the donation of $1000 in February of 2019 during the Hanover Cares collection, and Grace Church was recognized for several donations throughout the entire year totaling $8117. 

Carol Hinkle writes: “Thank you for your generous donations throughout the year to support the ministries of the Hanover Area Council of Churches. … Your commitment to helping …. is sincerely appreciated. ” 



The Council also wrote: “on behalf of the Hanover Area Council of churches Changing Lives Homeless Shelter thank you for your generous donation of $1000 for Hanover Cares: House the Homeless. … You have our heartfelt appreciation and prayers for God’s blessings.” 

Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Music Schedule 

Look for your Sunday on the music schedule and sign up – Spots are filling up Fast! Schedule hanging in the choir room for easy access! 


New Hope Ministries 

“We are blessed to have the amazing outpouring of support from our local churches – Thank you so much for all you do for us! Before you know it, spring will be here! We’d like to “plant a seed” for your church community and Save the Date for Give Local York! See the full article on the bulletin board in the large transept regarding ways to help with this drive.  


If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service, 

please contact Pam Kreitz 717-476-9511 

NURSERY HELPERS (Watch for more information on this IMPORTANT offering!) 

There has been difficulty getting volunteers to help in the nursery. Due to this fact, we cannot offer Nursery Staff during the Traditional Service. The room is available, and you are invited to enjoy your children there. Nursery Staff available during the Modern Service. 



Volunteers Needed 


We are scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted. If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Saturday of the month, please contact Craig Bixler 632-5606


Gambol: to frolic or skip (GAM-bull) 

Kick up those heels and those gams – meaning legs. Gambol is just a hop, a skip, and a romp away. 

The young boys gamboled gleefully on the soft grass, without a care in the world. 

Obfuscate: to confuse (OB-fus-kat) Betrayed, befuddled, and bewildered: that’s what obfuscating will render someone. 

If you can’t convince ‘em, confuse ‘em. So much obfuscation will have them ready to agree.




Wednesday, March 18, at noon in Fellowship Hall. This will be an important planning meeting for the group. The meal will consist of ham loaf, green bean casserole, and sweet potato cas- serole. Rolls, butter and dessert will be provided. Michael Tasto will be present to update the group on Consistory’s establishing a unified budget and the general fund of Grace Church. There will be no charge for the meal, but we MUST have your reservation in order to prepare for the number of people attending. Please have your reservations turned in to Glenn Ruhlman or Pauline Benner by March 11.


_____Yes! I/We plan to be at Grace Seniors meeting on March 18! 


Name/s ________________________________________________ 



# attending: 1 2 (Circle one) 



From the “Book of Answers” 


What was the first drive-in movie? 

A 10-acre site in Camden, New Jersey, was opened by Richard Hollingshead on June 6th, 1933. The screen measured 40 by 30 feet; there was room for 400 cars.


When were airplanes first used by the US armed forces? 

They were used unsuccessfully in 1916 against Pancho Villa in Mexico. In 1917, the First Aero Squadron, the first air unit, fought in World War I.


What is the apple of one’s eye? 

It is the pupil, which was likened to an apple because, in the ninth century, it was believed to be a solid round mass.


How many times does a heartbeat in a lifetime? 

Assuming that the heart beats at lease once a second, by the time a person is 70, his or her heart will have beat at least 2.8 billion times.


How many hairs are on a human head? 

About 100,000


Do identical twins have the same fingerprints? 



Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.