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Hey – What exactly does the 

Sewing Group do?  …and don’t say “SEW!”                                                  

(look for the SonLite on page 8)


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“ I really want to hear and appreciate what you have to say, my door is open, stop in anytime.”



Visitation Leader:  Patricia A. Miller 

Cell Phone:  717-451-1913



  • Organist/Choir Director:  Harold E. Heller 

  • Modern Service Worship Director:  Amy Fawks

  • Modern Service Music Coordinator:  Kathy Trimmer

Secretary: J Elaine Conley

Sextons: Sandy Puterbaugh & Faye Myers



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I hope this newsletter finds you comfortable during these summer days that can be hot, humid and long!  The good news is the days can be hot, humid and long! Remember the winter days that are cold, cold and short… Today is beautiful.  69 degrees, sunny with a beautiful clear, blue sky!


I have made my way through the worship services evaluation.  The Modern service returned 17 evaluations. The Traditional service returned 22 evaluations.  A person that works in the business world told me that in the business world the goal is to get 10% returned—we far surpassed that in the Modern returns (approximately 50%!) The Traditional service was a bit lower, but still over 10% (approximately 32%!) Thank you for taking time to share your feelings, thoughts and ideas on how to improve our services in order that we reach more people in the name of God!


We got some helpful feedback.  I am working with the evaluations and the survey from the first 5-year plan meeting to put the information together. 

We are in the middle of VBS as I type this.  What a beautiful time for the children (and adults) at VBS.  The children are engaged in the Bible stories, the music videos –if you are attending you are learning some beautiful dance moves!  Perhaps even more than the dance moves I am enjoying the laughter, smiles, hugs and fellowship! New friendships are being developed!  It is all good.D:\ClipArt\Buddies\Day4_Zion.jpg


We are in the jungles of Africa.  The lion, rhino, bird, wildebeest and other animals are so much fun! We met Pharaoh last night and discovered how difficult it was for Moses to get his people free!  It is good.


I hope you are enjoying your day!


Rev. Bonnie J. Whittier





Summer Schedules!


Please take note that several of our regularly scheduled groups are taking a break during the summer!  Stay in touch!!





August 2019 Consistory Digest

Due to summer scheduling, Consistory has not published a digest for this issue of Days of Grace.

The regular monthly meeting schedule resumes in September.



   VBS Report


Vacation Bible School

Thank You


Our Vacation Bible School was a success because of all the wonderful volunteers and all of you in the congregation who donated to the program and kept us in your prayers. 

The theme was ROAR – Life is Wild – God is Good. The Bible Points for the week were: When life is unfair… God is Good

When life is scary… God is Good

When life changes… God is Good

When life is sad… God is Good

When life is good… God is Good

The Bible stories for each day were about the Israelites life in Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land.

Thanks to the following persons who coordinated different areas:


Decorations:  Sara Shank & Steph Welper 

Snacks:  Allison Myers, Donna Bankert, Elaine Conley

Preschool: Liz Hossler, Lexi Knopp, Johanna Sites

Elementary: Joleen Fennell, Bonnie Miller

Photographers:  Faye Myers, Gage Royer

Imagination Station & Serengeti Steve: Dave Fawks

AV: Amy Fawks

Crew Leaders:  Lisa Erney, Vickie Arnold, Rebecca McConnell. Carol Spangler-Solomon, Elizabeth Anderson, Gracie Plunkert, Nathan Knopp

Help Where Needed: Craig Bixler, Collin Erney, Cindy Garrett

Pastor Bonnie Whittier for Prayers and Support (and the voice of the goat)


And to Everyone  who brought children to VBS, donated supplies, and helped make decorations. We had an amazing week as we experienced learning about how God is always with us no matter how wildlife may seem.


Offering collected during the week was dedicated to Heifer International. The children and volunteers donated $309 and on VBS Sunday the congregation donated an additional  $111 for a total of $420. 


We were able to purchase 3 goats and 3 flocks of chicks!!!


Thanks to everyone for their support!

Linda Bixler VBS Coordinator


Life is Wild – God is Good


Resource Committee


Peach Pies are Coming!!!!  – Watch the Sunday Announcement pages for more details or call Mary Jane Fuhrman to place your ORDER!


AND – Don’t forget to reserve your seats for the October and December Bus Trips!!!




1.  How many books in the Bible?

2.  Which of the following is not a book in the Bible: Zechariah, Obadiah, Hezekiah, Haggai?

3.  Who are the two sons of Abraham?

4  Which person doesn’t belong? Rueben, Matthew, Simeon, Judah?

5.  Which book in the NT tells about the growth of the early church?

6.  Where is the “Faith” chapter in the Bible?

7.  Where is the “Love” chapter in the Bible?

8.  Who is described as one of the wisest persons of the Bible?

9.   Who is known for his patience?

10. Where are the Beatitudes?

11. What are the books of the Pentateuch?

12. How many books in the OT?



ANSWERS: 1. 66, 2. Hezekiah, 3. Ishmael, Isaac, 4. Matthew, 5. Acts, 6. Hebrews 11, 7. 1 Corinthians 13, 8. Solomon, 9. Job, 10. Matthew 5, 11. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, 12. 39. 



Looking Ahead


Here @ Grace!


August 11th – Blessing of the Back Packs

August 12th – No Consistory Meeting!

August 14tth – Day trip with the Sewing Group to New Windsor, MD for volunteer at the Brethren Serrve Center.  See Donna Bankert for details.

August 16th – Movie Night

August 18th – Communion

August 25th – Recognition of Sunday School Teachers


With the Wider Community!


August 3rd & 17th & 24th – Wildlife Watchers on the Water – Pontoon / Codorus State Park 

August 5th thru Aug 9th – Kids Fest 2019 / Codorus State Park

August 7th & 14th & 21st – Wildlife Watchers on the Water – Kayaking / Codorus State Park

August 9th – Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

August 10th – 29th Annual Peach Festival – Biglerville PA

August 10th – Wentz Meeting House open House – see the SonLite article on page ????

August 11th – Meteor Shower Paddle / Codorus State Park

August 17th – Littlestown Good Ole Days Festival 

November 1st – Hoffman Homes 16th Annual Black Tie & Blue Jeans Gala Auction (Sponsorship information can be found on the bulletin board in the large transept)  Sponsorship forms to be completed and returned by September 20th.  


Serving in August

If you are unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for, please find a substitute or contact Elaine in the Church office.  



Head Ushers

Judy Rummel & Jenn Weaver

August 4th

Mike Bankert, Leslie Grote, Paul Grote, Levi Highlands, Luke Highlands, Debbie Wierman

August 11th

Mike Bankert, Leslie Grote, Paul Grote, Levi Highlands, Luke Highlands, Debbie Wierman

August 18th

Consistory Members

August 25th

Sue Fuhrman, Kendra Kauffman, John Storm, Melissa Storm, Carol Spangler-Solomon, Ken Wenger


August 4th

Carol Spangler-Solomon

August 11th

Craig Bixler

August 18th


August 25th

Danni Benner



August 4th

David & Amy Fawks

August 11th

Fay Emlet

August 18th

Collin & Lisa Erney

August 25th

David & Amy Fawks


Acolyte for 10:45 service

August 4th

Levi Highlands

August 11th


August 18th

Gracie Plunkert

August 25th

Lexi Knopp




On a Personal Note:


We offer our condolences to family and friends who are mourning recent losses …


… of Patricia (Reck) Becker

… of George Motter

… of Kathleen Zartman




Words of gratitude…


from Martha Channell;  


Thank you for all the beautiful cards of sympathy and compassion sent to us in response to the passing of my brother-in-law, Alex Mavros.   

Your kindness is much appreciated.




The following article (circa. 1970) was shared with me by a friend of yours and came from the pages of a Dale Carnegie leadership course attended by another friend of yours …. These concepts have been disussed with professionals and children alike throughout the generations.  I like how some truths are always true.


Six Ways to Get People to Like You


1.  Become really interested in other people.  “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”


2.  A smile says, “I like you.  You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”

a.  You must have a good time meeting people if you expect them to have a good time meeting you.

b.  Abe Lincoln said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


3.  Remember the names of people you meet.  People are impressed if you remember their name.


4.  Be a good listener.  Be really interested in what others are saying and show it.  Encourage others to talk about themselves.


5.  Talk with someone about what interests them.  Learn to talk to someone about what interests them the most.


6.  Make the other person feel important and really mean it.  There is something good that can be said about everybody.


These thoughts and ideas are based on those expressed by Dale Carnegie.





Shining a Light on Groups and Projects so we can see what is going on!



Have you ever wondered how we keep our friends and family members who are not able to make it into church each Sunday involved in our daily lives?  Each week we assemble and mail an envelope to each one (as requested) containing that Sunday’s Bulletin and Announcements, an Activity page & Scripture article (published by HomeTouch ministries) and an encouraging and thought provoking word, as exampled here in a copy of the letter we sent just this past week:


July 16, 2019


Hello Friends,

It is going to be difficult to top last week’s note. VBS was such an exhausting delight.  To see 35 children dancing, singing and enjoying the time together was spectacular!

Sunday morning, we had one service and the focus was VBS.  We had about 85 people and the excitement in the room was amazing.  The parents, grandparents and members just loved it! Of course, the young children were the big deal!  To see children that enthusiastic about church and God is really quite breathtaking.

It made me wonder….When do we, as adults, lose that excitement and enthusiasm for Church? What happens to take that spontaneous joy from us?  

When did we, as adults, lose the hope that something absolutely tremendous and breathtaking might happen during a worship service?  


I want it back.


Have a really great day.  Know you are loved by many and thought about often.


Rev. Bonnie J. Whittier


Sharing God’s Grace


The Provide- A Lunch (PAL) program is a ministry of the Hanover Area Council of Churches.  PAL provides a lunch from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM every day of the year.  It is open to anyone who wants a lunch.  Approximately 40-80 people eat there daily.  The lunches are prepared by teams from volunteer churches  and independent individuals.    


Volunteers from Grace prepare the meal on the third Saturday of each month.


The PAL program was originally an idea from our own Grace member, Jean Smith.  For many years various downtown churches hosted a Saturday lunch in their church.  Eventually the Council of Churches purchased the building at 136 Carlisle Street which allowed  them to serve lunch 7 days a week. 


If you are interested in volunteering to help prepare and serve lunch on the third Saturday of the month, please contact Craig Bixler @ (717) 632-5606.



THE Sewing Group: 


Do you know what a valuable gift is made possible by our brothers and sisters of Grace when the Sewing group comes together?  “Makin’ bed pads” is what I hear, but I didn’t really know what that meant. So here’s the 411 on the “Sewing Group.” 



Bring your own needle!


On average, this group makes 100 bed pads a month.  (You know, those disposable blue things you may have seen used in the hospital?  Even at Walmart they are about 50¢ a piece, and if you are at home caring for someone and must buy these yourself it can add up.)  Our Sewing group takes material, newspaper, and plastic; to size, cut out, assemble and sew their own home-made version of a bed pad and donates them to New Hope Ministries who, in turn, distributes them to their clients-in-need, as needed


You don’t even have to sew to be part of the group!  All kinds of stuff is done while they’re not on “Break!”  You can measure, or cut, or pin, or fold, or sew – they even have a “quality inspector!”  …. most who choose to sew, work the stitching by hand, but some use their machine that they bring, and sometimes they take stuff home to work on in front of the TV ….


So much to do & you could too … and be part of THE Sewing Group.





Everyone 55 or over can come and join the Grace Seniors!  We meet 4 times each year for fellowship, food, and fun! In March, June, and September (for $7 per seat at the table) we meet in Fellowship Hall at noon; in December we meet at PERKINS (cost of a seat at the table is your selection from the menu.)  

Our meetings begin with fellowship, then a blessing before our meal (which could be direct from someone’s “secret” recipe box.) Dinner is then followed by a special program chosen for your entertainment.  


The next Seniors Luncheon will be at noon in the Fellowship Hall on September 18.



What Is the Bible Study and Prayer Line?

Did you know that each day you can call a number to hear the prayer list?  The message will list those persons on the prayer list from the past Sunday and update any names added during the week. The same message also provides a scripture, a short devotional Bible study, and a prayer. Just a few minutes a day can put you in touch with those in need or those who are celebrating and also add to your own faith experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Patti Miller at 717-451-1913.





Here are 10 words that can be rearranged to form another word.  We’ve done the first one for you.


1. DECAL (laced)




















Answers to Hidden Words (spelled backward): 

2. nworg, 3. lived, 4. nolem, 5. tnurb, 6. htron, 

7. naelc, 8. taews, 9. mrahc, 10. laets. 








The Historical Wentz Meeting House, 386 St Bartholomew Road, Hanover, PA will host an open house on Saturday, August 10, 2019. 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.     Curt Weber, a Civil War reenactor will present information and answer questions at 10:00 AM.




September 20, 1860, John, Philip and Benjamin Wentz purchased a parcel of land, approximately one acre for $15.00. In 1861 a building committee was named to build Mt. Zion United Brethren Church. The committee consisted of three brothers, John, Philip and Benjamin Wentz.

During the summer of the same year, the building was completed at a cost of $1000.00. The bricks were made near the site in the meadow of Jacob Wentz, their father. Another son, Jacob S. Wentz became the first Minister.

The church was commonly known as Wentz’s Meeting House and services were held regularly for 75 years. The congregation later reunited with St. Bartholomew’s Church. The Wentz Meeting House and cemetery continue to be preserved by members, relatives and friends of the Wentz family.


© 2019 | Wentz Meeting House




For Your Information

The Summer Music Schedule has been confirmed.  Please be sure to attend and encourage your friends and family as they share their talents.  




Simply Spiritual Book ClubBooks

(Look for the SonLite on this group in a future edition.)


The Simply Spiritual book club will meet every Monday at 10:00 AM.  Anyone interested in joining, please contact the church office for more information!



Sacrament of Holy Communion


Please note the following dates regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion and when it will be served:


Summer Communion August 18, 2019

Worldwide Communion October 6, 2019

First Sunday in Advent December 1, 2019

Christmas Eve December 24, 2019

Winter Communion January 5, 2020



Hey There!  

How can I make it easier for you to use this money-making tool?

This is such an easy way for the church to make money!


Giant and Weis grocery cards are NOW available to buy during hours the church office is open!!! 


There are multiple denominations to fit all budgets!  You get your exact money’s worth and the church gets free money!!!  

Your grocery money makes money!!!

How often does that happen?  Right?




Newsletter e-mail:

(The 15th of the month is the deadline for submitting articles to the newsletter.)




Special Needs / August 



Dishwashing Soap




Full & Queen Size Sheets

men's and lady’s deodorant 

shaving cream & razors



Flip Flops

Boxers med, lg & xl



Single Serve Entrees 

and  Vegetables





Family of Grace, please add these ministries and committees to your weekly prayer appeals this month:


Week of Aug 4th, Faith-at-Work Ministry

Week of Aug 11th, Finance Committee

Week of Aug 18th, Fund Dev. Committee 

Week of Aug 25th, Meals-on-Wheels Ministry




Did You Know…?


… that the Sewing group needs your ABR newspapers?  That’s “Already Been Read! The Evening Sun and the York papers are the right size for their purpose!


Bring’em in when you’re done!  

They’ll put’em to good use!


… and you will have helped too!!


Remember to …


Pick up YOUR Grace UCC LOGOs


… Come and get your logos!!  3 for $5 here I the office!


You can use a shirt you already own or get a new shirt just for this and simply iron it on!  Iron them on to a hat, a scarf, the collar of your polo shirt, the hem of your capris, even on to one of your canvas bags!!!


We even now are offering the example T-Shirts for SALE!  $12.50 (for those of little or no iron!!)


AND Don’t forget … 


We also have decals for your car, notebook, or whatever you want to put your decal on!  Same color and size choices … let everyone know that you are proud to be a part of Grace UCC!



$5 gets you three (3) transfers of your choice!




(This letter was mailed by from the Hanover Area Council of Churches.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord has blessed us greatly as we have been led to alleviate hunger, homelessness and poverty in our community on Christ’s behalf.  In 2007 when we were struggling with the initial cost of Changing Lives Homeless Shelter to our budget, He directed a friend who helped us so we could open without incurring long term debt. When our initial state shelter grant through York County ran out and later grant amounts were cut, the Lord sent Glen Chandler and Community Aid with the offer to partner with us when their new store opened in Hanover. Within a year we were receiving Partners Grants of $100,000.00 a year to be used as we needed, but with the understanding that we expand our ministries. We added new ministries such as Ruth’s Harvest, Community Gardens, bilingual case worker, expanded prescription assistance, the Hispanic American Center, and assistance for immediate needs for individuals and families. These programs allowed us to further address hunger in our community, especially among school-aged children; help English and Spanish speaking neighbors become more self-sufficient; and improve the health of the Hanover area community overall.

As we added ministries our budget increased, but the blessing of the Partnership Grants saw us through these increases. One unfortunate consequence of our partnership with Community Aid was that a few individual donors reduced their giving because of the grant.  That coupled with the recent death or illness of long-term givers has changed our giver profile. We did build up our donor platform and thought we were in good shape to meet our 2020 budget. Unfortunately, Community Aid under new leadership has just announced a change in their business model and we will no longer receive the Partnership Grants. 

Under new qualifying guidelines the 2020 priorities for Community Aid Partnership Grants are: addressing homelessness, alleviating hunger, promoting self-sufficiency, and helping people succeed.  Although we believe it is clear that we have been successfully pursuing these priorities, Community Aid will choose only 6 Major Partners for grants of three years duration and those partners MUST have an annual budget of $1,000,000. Our annual budget is half of that.  

Clearly, we are disappointed that Community Aid has chosen this route for their future, but we are still thankful for the partnership we enjoyed with them. These changes mean we need to find ways to replace $100,000 in our annual budget so that we may continue current ministries without having to make drastic cuts to program and or staff.  Community Aid Partner Grants covered 25% of our actual expenses. Within a few short weeks we will start preparing our 2020 budget, so this is an issue that needs to be addressed with some urgency. At this we are forming a task force to work on finding various possible solutions. If you would like to serve on this task force please notify our office 717-633-6353 as soon as possible.  We are looking to you, our members and friends to pray for us for wisdom and faith, and to make recommendations for further sources of funding that we can use to cover this loss “one prayer at a time”. 

The Lord has been faithful to us for fifty-one years and we praise him for his blessings! We will continue to trust Him to lead us to where we need to be.


A 501 © (3) non-profit. EIN:  23-2354101

VOLUNTEER Opportunities


HACC staying open with the heat!

(717) 633-6353


Whether your own air conditioner is on the fritz or you have some down time during these really hot days – call the Council to find out if they are extending their schedule to serve as a cooling station – you could help or be helped!







If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service, please contact Pam Kreitz 717-476-9511





Volunteers Needed


We are scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted.  If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Saturday of the month, please contact:  Craig Bixler 632-5606



Sewing Group


The Sewing group would like to remind you all that during the months of September thru June, they will again be meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to “do bed pads.”  More hands are always welcome, and all you need is your needle!  We work 9-11am and take a 15-minute break with a snack around 10am.  Mark these dates below as your Sewing Schedule (always the 2nd Tuesday of the month.)


September 10, 2019

October 8, 2019

November 12, 2019

December 10, 2019

January 14, 2020

February 11, 2020

March 10, 2020

April 14, 2020

May 12, 2020

June 9, 2020


New Windsor Dates for next year, 2020:


July 14, 2020

August 12, 2020





There has been difficulty getting volunteers to help in the nursery.  

Due to this fact, we cannot offer Nursery Staff during the Traditional Service.  The room is available, and you are invited to enjoy your children there.  Nursery Staff is available during the Modern Service.


Please contact Ashley Rummel if you are interested in helping in the nursery.





Find the letter that’s in the first word but missing from the second word in CAPS in each set below. Write it on the line. Then, reading from the top down, find the word the letters spell and write it on the line below. 


Clue: This word describes how we should respond to God’s Word.











© 2003 CRI, P.O. Box 36269,  Canton, OH 44735. 1-330-493-7884. 



Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.