Days of Grace March 2019


March 2019

The Days of Grace


Grace United Church of Christ







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Church Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday / 9:00 AM – 3:45 PM


Modern Service 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Church School 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM

Traditional Worship Service10:45AM



Pastor:  Rev. Bonnie J. Whittier

Cell phone:  717-324-6639

E-mail address:


Pastor Bonnie really appreciates communication and her office door is open to stop in anytime.


Visitation Leader:  Patricia A. Miller

Cell Phone:  717-451-1913



  • Organist/Choir Director:

Harold E. Heller

  • Modern Service Worship Director:

Amy Fawks

  • Modern Service Music Coordinator:                                    

Kathy Trimmer


Secretary: J Elaine Conley

Sextons: Sandy Puterbaugh & Faye Myers



Info/Prayer/Bible Study Line

                     717-632-1819, access 86212#


Grace Church Office e-mail address:


Newsletter e-mail:

(The 15th of the month is the deadline for submitting articles to the newsletter.)



A Word From Pastor Bonnie…



Grace UCC has been my home for most of 8 months. In those months we have accomplished a lot. Many will remember sponsoring 2 ARKS for Heifer International for years to come. Many will remember fondly filling bags for homeless men, women and children. Many will remember how few children we had 8 months ago in the Traditional Worship Service and marvel at how many we have today.

Many will only remember that I am not a male pastor.  Many will only remember that I changed the bulletin from 14 pages to 4, eliminating all the loose sheets and extra words. Many will only remember that I like communion to be a celebration with large pieces of bread because I think we need a lot of Jesus in our lives. Many will only remember that the church secretary resigned during the 8 months.  

My hope 8 months ago and my hope today is the same.  That we might be a team, willing to work with change and willing to compromise in order to make Grace UCC a beacon in Hanover and a congregation that God is leading, and that God is proud to call Family.

February 17 we will be welcoming 6 new members to the family.  February 17 we will be installing a new Consistory. February 17 you will have the opportunity to re-commit to Grace UCC.  In March we will share our first Lenten Season together. I am excited, are you?


Blessings on this journey,

Pastor Bonnie



February 2019 Consistory Digest


There were 14 members present including Pastor Whittier and Greg Sindlinger.

Treasurer’s Report:

General pledge for January 2019:  

  • $10,976.00 (4 Sundays)

General pledge for January 2018:  

  • $11,020.00 (4 Sundays)


YTD 2019 income:  $15,812.95

YTD 2019 expenses:  $19,621.08

YTD shortage:  $3,808.13


Checking account balances

  • Deacon:  $19,821.36

  • Education:  $12,609.73

  • Memorial:  $34,711.81

  • Resource:  $3,547.55

  • Operating:  $28,220.67


Two bad weather Sundays resulted in general giving of $10,976.00. Office expenses included a replacement computer ($1,113.99), a locking file cabinet ($278.48), and printing annual reports ($257.55). The resulting deficit was $3,808.14. For January, Carroll has a separate report for the Ladies of Grace bank transactions. Putting these transactions on the church books made budgeting difficult and caused confusing questions.  Carroll intends to ask the Sunday School to give us a periodic financial report like the one in the Annual Report. While doing comments for the Annual Report, Carroll realized that he had left several “improvements” in the Repair & Maintenance Account instead of transferring them to the Asset Account. It was too late to change, so he has done a revised report.

Carroll also reported Hanover Borough passed a new ordinance in 2018 that states if a property has public water, the property must pay for garbage removal. He also reported it is time to order new offering envelopes for 2020.

The Consistory decided two of the 2020 communion envelopes will be designated for Mission Outreach.

Patti Miller reported during January she made 20 visits, including nursing homes, rehab, private residences, and the hospital.  Some members received more frequent or repeat visits based on individual circumstances such as declining health.

Craig Bixler reported the Grace Volunteer Clearance List on the bulletin board outside the nursery keeps disappearing.

Pastor Bonnie reported Elaine has updated the file cabinets, which had things dating from 2000 to present.  She is working with Amy Fawks to put together a current address file and new directory for the congregation. On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, Pastor Bonnie has mailed two letters to in-actives and she is making a current list of in-active members that will be separate from the regular directory.  The addresses in the directory have not been completely updated in over 8 years.

The e-mail address for the church is now

Jessica Fink reported she gathered information regarding blueprints, proposed location, volunteers for labor as well as volunteers to cover the cost of supplies for a proposed Blessings Box. She heard back from the borough Code Enforcement Office and they have given her the next steps for planning and zoning. It would be at no cost to the church to fill out and submit the forms. The Consistory voted to have Jessica proceed with the Blessing Box.


Prepared by Craig Bixler 02-17-19


February 12, 2019 Consistory Reorganization Meeting Digest

Rev. Bonnie Whittier in attendance

Greg Sindlinger in attendance.

Deacons in attendance: Barry Bankert, David Fawks, Carroll Miller, Justin Moul, Cathy Reck, Judy Rummel, Michael Tasto II

Elders in attendance:  Craig Bixler, Sue Fuhrman, Mike Mummert, Joann Sites, Jenn Weaver  

Officers were elected and assignments made for committees and teams.

2019 Consistory Officers:

  • President:  Sue Fuhrman

  • Vice President:  David Fawks

  • Treasurer:  Carroll Miller

  • Assistant Treasurer:  Linda Bixler

  • Secretary:  Craig Bixler

  • Assistant Secretary:  Justin Moul

  • Michael Tasto II will learn the Grace Financials as a backup to assist the treasurer and assistant treasurer.

  • Greg Sindlinger will serve as the Consistory mediator in 2019.


2019 Trustees:

Mike Mummert, Maynard Warner, David Fawks, Paul McIlwee, (Mike Whittier, Collin Erney, Len Bankert for reference only)




 New Members:

Grace UCC welcomed 6 new members in February!

Please welcome Mike Decker, Collin & Lisa Erney, Todd & Lori Eichelberger, and Mike Whittier into our church family!



February Baptisms

Annaleigh Mae Blake, daughter of Seth Blake and Kayla Secrist, was baptized into the family of Jesus Christ on February 10th, during the Modern Worship Service.



Looking Ahead


  • March 6 @ 7pm:  Ash Wednesday Service

  • March 8:  Messy Church

  • March 13, 20,27 and April 3, 10, 17

     Wednesday Evening Discussion –      

      “Dropping Your Guard”: Learning   

       to be authentic and real in daily


  • March 15: Movie Night @ 6:30pm

  • Pastor Bonnie will lead a Sunday class on Communion:

March 10, 17, 24 ,31 & April 7, 14

from 10 AM- 10:30 AM

  • April 27: Mandated Reporter Training / Volunteers and Employees of Grace UCC

  • Penn Central Conference:  June 7th and 8th



To sponsor flowers for worship services, please contact Elaine at the church office (717) 632-1146 or use the sign-up poster on the bulletin board in the transept.


Community Aid

Please remember to donate gently used and in good condition clothing to this great effort.  The bin is located at the end of our parking lot.  For more information, please contact the Church Office.  Thank you!






Can you offer a few hours to help clean and organize the church?

There are several areas where help is needed to sort through and organize materials.  If you have time during the day or evening to help, you will be helping create a welcoming, orderly environment at church. Also, what a great opportunity to work together with others!  If interested, please contact Elaine in the church office.



Messy Church

Everyone is invited to join “God’s Team” Friday, March 8 at 6-7:30 PM.

This is a family activity to learn about God through fun, fellowship, and creativity.

A light meal will be served.


Donations Needed

Donations of individual pudding cups and juice boxes are needed for an activity at our upcoming Messy Church on March 8. Place donations in the box in the kitchen.

Thank you.


Mark Your Calendars


Vacation Bible School

Sunday. July 7 – Thursday, July 11


Sewing Group – March 12

The sewing Group will once again be meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, September through June, to assemble bed pads. This month we will meet on February 12.  More hands are always welcome!

Attention members and friends of Grace as you are doing your cleaning of drawers and closets, the bed pad ministry could use clean, threadbare sheets and pillow cases to continue their work in service of the need for the community.


Resource Committee

We have quite a line up of projects ahead and got off to a flying start. We made 127 quarts of soup and they were gone the same day. Easter candies are being started.  On the 19 and 20 February, pies were baking in the kitchen: cherry, blueberry, pumpkin and a new one—Linda’s Hawaiian Pineapple Pie. Thanks to an old southern family recipe of Linda Heller.  Thanks for sharing!

Next up will be our “Hop On Over” tea on April 10.  Call for tickets soon.

Our first bus trip is a day trip to the Stirling Mansion (built 1892) in Reading, PA, for a three-course lunch. Then we’ll take a ride on the Colebrookdale Train in a beautiful vintage car.  Seems like we should be wearing large, flowered hats for ladies and black tall hats for men. This trip is on 16 April.

Start saving items for the yard sale on May 4.  (Rain date will be May 11.)  PLEASE!  We will need at least six younger, stronger guys to help clean-up time at 2 PM.  Please give me a commitment. We are all done in by then and you ninja warriors are needed.

June 2, 3, 4 are the dates for the next bus trip.  We will be going to the Greenbrier Resort in Berkley, West Virginia.  See the New River Gorge and Bridge, the Greenbrier Resort, the bunker under the five-star resort where Congress would be if an awful Cold War experience happened, a coal mine, and much more.  

October 27-30 will be our big bus trip for Fall.  Boston and Salem—save the dates. More info later.

Again, big thanks to all who show up and give their time and energy to complete our projects.  It’s important. Join us! Look forward to seeing you.

Fondly, Mary Jane


March projects:

Easter Candy:   Mar 6, 11, 13, 15, 26, 29

Final day to order candy:   March 24




The Seniors Luncheon will meet at noon in the Fellowship Hall on March 20, June 19, and September 18.



Do You Shop at Giant or Weis?

Giant and Weis grocery cards are available to buy at the church office.  There are $25, $50, and $100 denominations available. The church receives a 5% rebate on the face value of each card used.  The rebate supports our Deacon's Fund when you use these cards.


Chancel Choir


Chancel Choir meets every Thursday at 7:00PM. Please come and join us!   


Thank You(s)


Dear Grace Church Family,

           I would like to extend a heart-felt Thank You to everyone for your prayers, flowers, food and support during my wife's illness and death.  Thank you to Pastor Bonnie for a beautiful "Celebration of Life" Service for Janet and for all her help with the preparations. To the choir for their glorious singing and to the Martha Ministries Ladies who did a beautiful job with the luncheon, Thank You.   Grace Church has shown me and my family true Grace and Friendship during this difficult time. 

                                  God Bless Everyone,

                                   Ray Black and Family


Dear Grace Members,

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my dear friends at Grace for the thoughts, prayers, cards and braving the snowy weather to attend the visitation of the passing of my father, Mark Rickrode, Sr.  I appreciate, more than words can express, the love and support my family and I have received during this difficult time.

In God's Love;

Tina Hagarman

(The Hagarman's and The Rickrode's)



Grace Church Family;

 Thank you so much for the cards and prayers during my brother Donald’s illness and passing.

It was deeply appreciated.

Ron Rummel, wife Judy & family




Thank You letters were also received from Hoffman Homes for Youth and the Hanover Area Council of Churches for our contributions and donations.  Please enjoy a few excerpts from these letters.  Originals are available in the church office if you would like to read the complete letters.


From Hoffman Homes;

“…. Because of your kindness,

  • Samantha can participate in art therapy, her favorite, because “I can express my feelings safely through my artwork, and it distracts me from my problems, too.”

  • Davis has learned the coping skills crucial for helping “to control my anger, and to deal with my family problems.”

  • Julie understands that she has the support she needs to get better; “I know there are people there for me.”


From the Hanover Area Council of Churches;

Thank you for your generous donation of hats, scarves and mittens for our ministries that serve the homeless.  The Council of Churches is committed to helping improve the quality of life for those in need in the greater Hanover area.  With donations such as yours, we are able to continue to do that!”

Thank you, Ladies of Grace, for your generous donation of $1000 for Hanover Cares: House the Homeless.  Your gift brings us closer to our Radiothon goal.




In Loving Memory


Janet Black

Ruth Klinedinst



Simply Spiritual Book Club

The Simply Spiritual book club will meet every Monday at 10:00 AM.  




Sharing God’s Grace

We were challenged in 2018 to fill two arks for a total of $10,000.



We raised $10,000, which allows for the purchase of two arks for the Heifer Project.  In December, the congregation gave $1,876.42. When added to the previous total of $5,928.55, it brought the new total to $7,804.97.  The angel matched $2,195.03, bringing the grand total to $10,000, which will buy two arks.





Volunteers Needed

We are scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted.  If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Saturday of the month, please contact:  Craig Bixler 632-5606


HACC / March Needs


 Brown Sugar, Salt & Pepper, BBQ Sauce, Zip Lock Sandwich bags, Red Rose tea.



Men & Ladies body wash and deodorant



Dishwasher pods



single serve veggies and entrees



Family of Grace, please add these ministries and committees to your weekly prayer appeals:


March 4th Community needs Community

March 11th Executive Committee

March 18th Faith-at-Work Ministry

March 25th Finance Committee



If you are unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for, please find a substitute or contact Elaine in the Church office.



Head Usher:

Carroll Miller,

Jenn Weaver

March 3rd, 10th:

Vickie Arnold, Steve Hershey, Kim Aumen, Karl Whisler, Joleen Fennell, Merle Whisler

March 17th, 24th:

David Fawks, Nancy Bankert, Kelly Bankert, Sydney Bankert, Len Bankert, Kris Benner



March 3rd:

Gracie Plunkert

March 10th:

Jenn Weaver

March 17th:

Martha Channell

March 24th:

Faye Myers

March 31st:

Bob Plunkert



March 3rd:

Barry & Donna Bankert

March 10th:

Charles & Joleen Fennell

March 17th:

Charles & Joleen Fennell

March 24th:

Rick & Becky Boyer

March 31st:

Cathy Reck


Acolyte for 10:45 service

March 3rd:

Levi Highlands

March 10th:

Luke Highlands

March 17th:

Colby Bealing

March 24th:

Maxwell Wisensale

March 31st:

Gracie Plunkert





The Traditional Service’s Coffee Hour has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.  




If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service, please contact Pam Kreitz 717-476-9511.




Please contact Ashley Rummel if you are interested in helping in the nursery.




Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.