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JULY 2018


The Days of Grace At

Grace United Church of Christ






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Church Office Hours

Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M.

Pastor:  Rev. Bonnie J. Whittier

Visitation Leader:  Patricia A. Miller

Organist/Choir Director:  Harold E. Heller

Modern Service Worship Director:  Amy Fawks

Modern Service Music Coordinator:  Kathy Trimmer

Secretary/Bookkeeper:   Linda DeMaio

Sextons: Sandy Puterbaugh & Faye Myers


Modern Service 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Church School 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM

Traditional Worship Service 10:45 AM


*Pastor Bonnie’s Phone:  717-324-6639

*Pastor Bonnie’s e-mail address:


*Pastor Bonnie really appreciates communication and her office door is open to stop in anytime.


Patti Miller’s Cell Phone:  717-451-1913

Patti Miller’s email:          



Info/Prayer/Bible Study Line

                     717-632-1819, access 86212#


Grace Church Office e-mail address:    



Newsletter e-mail: (deadline is 15th of

the month)



Combined Service – Sunday, July 22

10 AM in Fellowship Hall with VBS children


Communion rescheduled to

Sunday, July 29, at both the modern

and traditional services


Sunday, July 8 Visitation Commissioning


A Word From Pastor Bonnie…



I want to say a very heartfelt thank you for the beautiful Day of Installation at Grace UCC on June 3rd.  It was a beautiful day for Mike and me and it was in large part because of all of you.  My friends were warmly greeted and welcomed by you.  The reception was lovely –and those cupcakes…oh my…those cupcakes.  Ohhh, they were divine!

Grace UCC loved their neighbor on June 3rd.  It was beautiful to be a part of the love.  We love our neighbor every day and that is what God asks of us. This morning I have loved three neighbors above and beyond what I think is required of me.

I received a call at 8 am from a funeral director.  A colleague of mine was taken to the hospital in need of open heart surgery and might I be able to cover a funeral for him on Thursday.  Yes, I will cover the service and I took time to contact someone in the York Association so they might be in contact with the patient.


It was brought to my attention a 19 year old in my neighborhood was suicidal and had been taken to the hospital.  I reached out to her mom and have offered to do what I can to be helpful.  Perhaps the most helpful was allowing mom to vent with no judgment.

I have a dear friend that is actively dying and I called to update a mutual friend of the condition.

None of the three are members of Grace UCC, but they are indeed my neighbors.  I felt strongly that God wanted me to love them.  It is what I do. I do it in the name of God, as Pastor of Grace United Church of Christ.  I do it even when I am busy because I think it is the most important aspect of ministry.

I don’t share this with you to brag or ask for help: I do this because I believe it is what God wants me (expects me) to do.  God expects and desires that we love our neighbors; all of our neighbors!

How or when do you love your neighbors?

Blessings on this day,

Pastor B


Pastor Bonnie plans on being in the office from about 9 AM – 4 PM unless visiting, meetings, or called away for an emergency.

If a specific need arises and you need to meet with her, you may want to check with the office on her availability.


Sunday, July 8

Visitation Commissioning  


Commissioning for everyone who does visitation.

Commissioning will take place at the 10:45 AM service and persons will be recognized at the 9 AM service.


June 2018 Consistory Digest


There were 14 members present.

Treasurer’s Report:

General pledge for May 2018:  $10,834.00 (4 Sundays)

General pledge for May 2017:  $11,210.02 (4 Sundays)

YTD 2018 income:     $82,908.72

YTD 2018 expenses:  $98,883.99

YTD shortage:            $15,975.27

Checking account balances

Deacon:      $19,070.28

Education:  $12,606.75

Memorial:  $34,478.56

Resource:   $12,221.65

Operating: $25,104.86

Carroll Miller reported a general pledge for May of $10,858 which represents collections of $2,715 per week. The Resource income from finished projects added $2,566 which was very helpful in limiting our deficit to $1,661. Expenses were about average with $1,473 paid by the Ladies of Grace for new white paraments.


The Consistory is still in need of another consistory member. 


Nancy Kuhn sent a letter stating she is retiring after 40 plus years as Nursery Supervisor.


The trustees suggested the following improvements for the parsonage:  replace some lights that are out, some painting, window screens need to be repaired, the back porch needs paint and new screen, and the bathtub could use a new surround.


There will be a combined worship service July 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM in Fellowship Hall.  This service will highlight 2018 Vacation Bible School activities.


Ken Wenger reported Sharing God's Grace offering for May was $852.08


Special thanks to Mary Jane Fuhrman and Carol Spangler-Solomon for all the work in planning and getting the food for Pastor Bonnie’s installation reception.  Thanks also to Judy Rummel and Vicki Arnold for helping with the serving. 


Dan Trimmer reported now that Pastor Bonnie has started, we can get back to some old business of the membership committee.  We will begin work on that project in the next few weeks.


Vickie Arnold suggested a meeting be held with Grace members who have mobility issues regarding if another pew needs to be removed in the sanctuary.  She also had concerns regarding accessibility to the chancel area and altar. Grace members with mobility issues will be contacted for suggestions.


The Grace Security Team recommended the Fourth Street entrance to the education wing be kept locked and used as an exit only. Consistory decided the Fourth Street entrance to the Education Wing will be locked permanently and used only as an exit.  Also, the elevator entrance will now be locked on weekdays.


Entry to the elevator will be by swipe card or by calling Linda DeMaio to let her know when you are arriving at Grace.


Prepared by Craig Bixler 06-17-18



To sponsor flowers or bulletins for worship services, please contact the church office at 632-1146 for open dates.


May 27, 2018 Consistory Meeting to Approve Patti Miller for Grace Visitation


The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Amy Fawks, with 12 Consistory members present including Pastor Whittier.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss replacing Rev. Melissa Eicholtz as Grace’s Visitation Pastor.


Patti Miller had expressed interest in doing Grace’s visitation.


Consistory discussion centered on pay and hours for the new visitation person.


Pastor Whittier stated Patti Miller met with her to discuss requirements for the job.  Pastor Whittier said she will be doing in-home communions. Patti would be doing visitation.  Pastor Whittier would have another ordained minister on call in her absence to cover emergencies.  The hours per week would remain the same: 15 hours per week with possibly up to 20 hours per week for emergencies.  The pay also would remain the same as budgeted for visitation. Pastor Whittier also plans to meet regularly with Grace’s new visitation person.


The Consistory approved Patti Miller for Grace Visitation.

Prepared by Craig Bixler 06-11-18


Prayer Line and Bible Study


To access the message, dial 1-717-632-1819 and then enter the assess code: 86212. If you have any questions or concerns, please give Patti Miller a call at 717-451-1913


Combined Service July 22

Sunday, July 22, there will be a combined service at 10AM in Fellowship Hall.   All of the props from Vacation Bible School will be on display and the kids will also be there to sing their songs from VBS.

Since communion was also scheduled for that day, communion will now be rescheduled for July 29.  All services will return to normal schedules for July 29th. 

Penn Central Conference

Financial News


Thank You for Your Gifts in 2017!

Friends of Penn Central Conference:  Your support was resounding and exceeded the goal by 43% ($14,390 versus a goal of $10,000)!


OCWM was tremendous with $897,141 given – that’s 104% of 2016 and 94% of our budget.


Disaster Ministries:  Your generosity extended to help bring hope to families affected by devastating hurricanes, floods, and other disasters with over $120,000 received.


Thank you for your prayers, support, generosity, leadership and commitment in 2017!


Doors Locked for Grace Security


Due to security concerns at Grace, the Consistory has decided to lock the elevator entrance on weekdays.  You will need to bring your swipe card or call Linda DeMaio to enter the elevator on weekdays.  Also, the Fourth Street entrance into the education wing will now be permanently locked and used as an exit only.


June 10, 2018 Congregation Meetings to Approve Grace Policies and Parking Lot Seal Coating

Congregation meetings were held Sunday June 10, 2018 for the purpose of discussing and voting on the revised Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Use Policy for Nonchurch Events, the Grace Safe Sanctuary Policy, and the $3,982.00 proposal from Schorner Sealcoating, Spring Grove, PA, to seal and restripe the parking lot.  Voting was done by paper ballot.

Summaries of the meetings are below.

9:00 AM Service:  The meeting began at 9:50 AM with 35 in attendance.  Most questions centered on the Fellowship Hall policy.  Ballots were placed in a sealed envelope to be counted after the 10:45 AM service.

10:10 AM:  A meeting was held in the sanctuary for questions and comments about the policies and seal coating expenditure.  Most questions centered on Safe Sanctuary Policy and Fellowship Hall Policy. There were 17 in attendance.

10:45 AM Service:  The meeting began at 11:48 AM immediately after the service, with 45 in attendance. The ballots from both meetings were counted by Donna Bankert, Craig Bixler, and Carroll Miller immediately after the second vote.


Use of Fellowship Hall and Kitchen for Nonchurch Events: 

58 Yes   

7 No

3 Abstain

Grace Safe Sanctuary Policy:

65 Yes    

2 No

1 Abstain

Seal Coating Parking Lot Proposal at $3,982.00:

67 Yes    

1 No   

0 Abstain

Prepared by Craig Bixler 6-10-18


Sewing Group – July and August    

in New Windsor

It's time for Grace Sewing Group's annual trips to New Windsor for two days of volunteerism and fellowship.  The first day is Tuesday, 10 July, and the next is Wednesday, 8 August.  We will leave the Church at 7AM each day.  Lunch is provided. All are welcome to join us!!  If you plan to go, please let Linda Sager or Donna Bankert know.  


The Sewing Group will resume meeting on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in September and continue through June to assemble bed pads.  More hands are always welcome.


Attention members and friends of Grace as you are doing your cleaning of drawers and closets, the bed pad ministry could use clean, threadbare sheets and pillow cases to continue their work in service of the need for the community.




The Youth Group meets on Sunday mornings from 9:45AM to 10:30AM.  All youth, 5th grade and older are invited to join us.  Leaders are Janet Black, Jenn Weaver, and Amy Fawks (will lead the Kahootz).



Our bus trip to the wonderful Noah’s Ark is on track for July.  And other than the bus trip, we are taking a rest until peaches and tea times happen.

Again, thanks to all who help make Resource a vital part of this church.

Mary Jane



Chancel Choir and Summer

Traditionally, during June, July, August, and the first Sunday of September, the Chancel Choir does not sing for the Traditional Service.  Music is presented by volunteers from the congregation or their guests. Please consider giving of your talents and/or encourage others to do so.  A sign-up sheet is posted in the Choir Room.


Community Aid Collections

Please remember to donate gently used and in good condition clothing to this great effort.  The bin is located at the end of our parking lot.  For more information, please contact the Church Office.  Thank you!


Grace UCC WISE Group

will meet in Fellowship Hall at 6:30 PM onAugust 1 for their BE A FRIEND Session. All are welcome to join this supportive group. Bring a friend!


 Thank You


Thank you to everyone who helped collect can tabs for “baby peanut.”  All donations were greatly appreciated.


Ashley Rummel


A big thank you to everyone for all the cards and well wishes as I conclude my time here at Grace. My prayers to you as you begin this new and exciting chapter in the life of Grace Church.

Pastor Melissa


Our dear member Henrietta Stahl would like to extend a warm, wonderful Thank You to all of her Grace Church friends who remembered her recent 99th Birthday.  She received many cards and well wishes and it means so very much to her!

Many Thanks and God Bless,



 I would like to thank my church family for all the cards and prayers offered following the death of my son John.

My church family is so important to me.  The visits and prayers from Pastor Bonnie have been greatly appreciated as well.  The service conducted by Pastor Bonnie was also wonderful.  You may all stop by to visit with me at Hanover Hall.  I still love to chat.  Thanks again for all your concern for me. 

Ruth A. Stitt.



Nora Lynn Stonesifer

June 13, 2018


Parents: Mitch & Kendra Stonesifer

Grandparents:  Mike & Stephanie Stonesifer

Great Grandmother: Ferne Stonesifer



In Loving Memory

Sofie J. Bubb

John C.  Stitt





Rescued by Jesus

July 15 – 19

6:15 PM – 8:15 PM

Join us in and adventure where children will learn that Jesus loves them and is always there for them, no matter what happens in lifeD:\ClipArt\ElectronicWeb_LowResolution\Buddies\Day1_Hope_LR.png


Interactive Bible stories, music, crafts, snacks, and more.


To register on line or for more information:


or call the church office at 717-632-1146 with the name and ages of the children attending.


Sharing God’s Grace

 Heifer International is the project for Sharing God’s Grace for 2018.  Since 1944 Heifer International has provided livestock to improve the lives of who struggle for reliable sources of food and income.  Since its founding Heifer International has helped more than 31 million families and in the past four years has been ranked in the top four most trusted nonprofit organizations by Harris Poll Equitrend.

Heifer International operates under the concept of passing on the gift or giving away a portion of what one has been given.  Families who receive livestock are given extensive training on how to care for their animals and agree to pass on an offspring to neighbors in need.  In this simple way every gift will multiply for years to come and help spread hope around the world.

Grace UCC’s goal is to give enough animals (cows, sheep, oxen, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, geese, beehives,  etc.) to fill an ark.  In this way we can provide assistance to those in need.  The cost of an ark is $5,000.  The last Sunday of each month thru December you are invited to come forward during the final hymn in each service and put your offering in the ark.  Please make checks payable to Grace UCC with Heifer Project in the memo line. Of course you may put the money in any Sunday and mark it for Heifer International or Sharing God’s Grace.  

The May offering was $852.08.

 Just as Jesus fed the multitudes during his ministry let us provide food for those in need.



The Clothing Bank needs your help!

We are looking for individuals who are available to come and sort clothing and items. Sorters are needed 8:30-11AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cashiers are needed 9AM-12 noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and on the first Saturday of the month when the Clothing Bank is open from 9 AM to 12. If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity, please contact the Council office at 717-633-6353.



Volunteers Needed

We are scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted.  If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Sat of the month, please contact: Craig Bixler 632-5606


PAL  July Needs



Mayonnaise, Hot Chocolate,

Bar-B-Que Sauce, Sugar


Baby Wipes, Family Size Toiletries


Shampoo, Disposable razor,  

Men's flip-flops (L,XL)


All single serving please!

Single Serving of anything,

expiration date after 9/201


If you are unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for please find a substitute and/or inform the church secretary.



Head usher:  Sue Fuhrman, Judy Rummel


July 1 & 8  Barry Bankert, Linda Bixler

      Donna Bankert, Dan Kessler

      Eugene Bixler, Linda Sager

July 15      Mike Bankert, Danielle Benne

      Jedd Beall, Kris Benner

      Betsy Beall, Vance Hagerman

July 22      Combined service

July 29      Communion – Consistory




July   1   Jenn Weaver

July   8   Joan Rebert

July 15   Craig Bixler

July 22   Combined service

July 29   Joann Sites – Assisting Elder



July   1   Sue & Tracy Caler

July   8   Sue & Tracy Caler

July 15   Joan Rebert

July 22   Combined Service

July 29   Sally Durika


ACOLYTES 10:45 service

July   1   Briahna Rorrer  

July   8   Colby Bealing  

July 15   Maxwell Wisensale

July 22   Combined Service

July 29    Alexis Knopp



NO NURSERY – June, July, August



No Youth Church – June, July, August




NO COFFEE HOUR – June, July, August





If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service, please contact Pam Kreitz at 717-476-9511.


Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.