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The Days of Grace


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Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M.


Interim Pastor:     Rev. Robin S. Keating

Visitation Pastor:    Rev. Melissa A. Eicholtz

Organist/Choir Director:  Harold E. Heller  

Modern Service Worship Director:  Amy Fawks

Modern Service Music Coordinator:  Kathy Trimmer

Secretary/Bookkeeper:    Linda DeMaio

Sextons:     Sandy Puterbaugh & Faye Myers


Modern Service 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Church School 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM

Traditional Worship Service 10:45 AM


Rev. Keating’s Cell Phone:   336-250-9554

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Rev. Eicholtz's Cell Phone:  717-739-6126

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Info/Prayer/Bible Study Line

717-632-1819, access  86212#


Grace Church Office e-mail address:


Newsletter e-mail: (deadline is 15th of the month)



9:00–9:45 AM Modern Worship Service

9:45-10:30 AM Church School for All Ages

10:45-11:45 AM  Traditional Worship Service



A Word From Pastor Robin Keating…


The leader of a local Christian Youth Group wrung her hands in worry. She always seemed hassled about something. Whether it was money or uncooperative parents and difficult children, she knew something would keep her awake nights. The gray hairs on her head appeared as fast as the rabbits out back bred.


One night she fell asleep relatively quickly. But at 3:00 AM her eyes opened wide and the worries resumed. This time it was money. The annual youth gathering at  Ocean City Beach was only two weeks away. How could she possibly pull this one off? Eagerly the children signed up to go. They heard what fun last year’s group had. She’d even managed to recruit enough parents to chaperone the trip. Sometimes that was like pulling teeth – impacted teeth! Not this time, though. Miraculously the grownups were ready and willing. No, this time it was money! “Face it,” she said to herself, “we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Not knowing what else to do, she did what countless other worried Christians throughout time have done. She prayed. She prayed for solutions. She prayed for inspiration. She prayed for patience. She prayed for the children. And finally she prayed, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The gleam of the morning sun reflected off the brass pot hanging on the kitchen wall. She heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Her husband, ‘Mr. Skeptical,’ turned the hall corner and entered the kitchen. “Have you been sitting here all night worrying about that youth trip?” he asked. “You know, Honey, some things are just meant not to be.”

A hodge podge of events and activities consumed the rest of the morning and afternoon for her. Some routine. Some in preparation for the evening’s social gathering. That evening the gathering was grand. Many old and dear friends were there with a balance of acquaintances and newcomers. During dinner, ‘Mr. Skeptical’ and his wife sat with friends and strangers.

In the thick of fun and laughter her worries floated to the surface. She spoke of her ‘youth trip’ concerns to the friend on her right. In the middle of her conversation she was interrupted by the man sitting a few seats away. “Would you please pass the rolls?” he said to her. As she extended the loaves toward him, it dawned on her who he was. He owned the local car dealership, ‘Mr. Car Sales,’ himself! Thanking her for the bread, he continued saying, “I overheard what you were saying about your difficulties with the youth trip. Let me check Monday and see if, perhaps, my dealership can provide you the necessary transportation.”

Two weeks later the Christian Youth Group embarked for Ocean City Beach with all financial concerns silenced by ‘Mr. Car Sales,’ himself!

Our prayers are always answered, although sometimes not in the way we expect. And sometimes our prayers are answered with particular effort on our part. What are your prayers today? What does God want you to do to receive the solution? The first step, as the old familiar hymn declares, is to “take it to the Lord in prayer”!

Oh, yes, and have I told you today that I love you?


July 2017 Consistory Digest

There were 14 members present including Pastor Keating and Pastor Eicholtz.

Treasurer’s Report:

General pledge for June 2017:  $11,297.01 (4 Sundays)

General pledge for June 2016:  $15,529.82 (4 Sundays)

    YTD 2017 income:  $105,950.12

    YTD 2017 expenses:  $128,521.40

    YTD shortage:  $22,571.28

Checking account balances

    Deacon:  $18,149.78

    Education:  $11,918.78

    Memorial:  $28,351.62

    Resource:  $7,661.61

    Operating:  $6,241.14


Carroll Miller reported Janet Black, Mary Jane Fuhrman, Craig Bixler, and Sue Lang have expressed interest in serving on the Fundraising Committee.  Carroll will speak to several other fundraising groups.  He intends to have an organizational meeting in July.


The Memorial Fund Committee presented its first report which included an evolving list of suggested memorial gifts.


The Trustees reported the leak in the Youth Room has gotten worse.  Donald B. Smith, roofer, has been contacted.

There is a small issue with the security system and the elevator door.  There is a delay between the time the card is swiped and the turning off of the alarm which can lead to the alarm being triggered if a person enters too quickly.  When entering at the elevator door, swipe your card, wait a few seconds, and then open the door.  This procedure should prevent the alarm from going off.


Pastor Eicholtz reported visits are being made and everything is going well.


Ken Wenger reported Sharing God’s Grace Donations and volunteer hours for June.

June 2017:   $748.28  Total YTD:   $1,681.88

Volunteer hours June:

    Church 123           Total YTD   183

    Community  131           Total YTD   175  


Pastor Robin reported the Transition Team Report was completed. Four topics regarding Grace are included in the report: Heritage, Connections, Outreach & Missions, and Leadership.


The Grace Profile paperwork has been received.  The Profile will need to be completed for the search. The Consistory retreat will be Saturday, August 5, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the parlor.


Dan Trimmer reported the committee looking at a membership policy has met and will have a first draft of a policy for review and comment at the meeting. The Grace Membership Policy was presented for discussion, and approved by Consistory to be sent to the congregation for approval.


The search committee will meet on July 11th to begin the process. 


Craig Bixler reported the Grace Website is not up to date.  Corby Myers has been doing some posting.  Corby stated she has the administrative rights to the site to add people. Joann Sites has been posting The Days of Grace.  The congregation should most likely have a webmaster to keep the site up to date.


Barry Bankert reported the church’s outside window sills are deteriorating and will need a lot of work.


Prepared by Craig Bixler July 12, 2017


Church Policy Updates


The consistory is in the process of developing policies to cover a number of different areas in the church.  Not everyone will agree with every sentence of every policy presented, and the process will take time and effort.  However, it is an important step in our transition to a new minister.   These policies will give our new minister clear direction in making future decisions that reflect our congregation.


Opportunity for Input


One area that was revealed in the survey was a belief by some in our congregation that how decisions are made are not always clear and may not always reflect the will of the congregation.  To try to address these feelings, the consistory invites any member of the congregation to attend our monthly meetings.   There will be time set aside at each meeting for members of the congregation to ask questions or express concerns to the consistory as a whole.  Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. in the parlor.  If you have a question or are concerned about any aspect of the church, please consider taking this opportunity to share.


Volunteers Needed for Fundraising Committee


The fundraising policy that was recently passed by the congregation requires a committee to administer the policy.  If you are involved with any form of fundraising at the church it would be very helpful if you would consider serving on this committee.  It is hoped that every organization that does fundraising is represented on the committee.  If interested, please contact Carroll Miller.  

Dan Trimmer


Let's Welcome Our Newest Members

August 6


Who are the Hahns?  

We are Allen and Jane Hahn and we live on Adams Court in Hanover.  We were born and raised in the Hanover area.  We've been married sixty-one years and have two sons and three grandchildren.  Allen had a painting business for forty-three years; Jane worked as a cashier at Myers Meat Market for twenty-six years.  Jane was born into Christ Church in Littlestown and was a member until now.  Allen was a member for sixty years.  Now we are looking forward to becoming a member of the Grace Church family.


Love and Blessings,

Allen and Jane




The Ladies of Grace will be sponsoring a Mini-retreat on Saturday, August 12, from 9AM-11:30AM in Fellowship Hall. Please contact Jenn Weaver 717.451.9703 (text or voice)  OR if you would like to attend.


Please Join us as we fill our cups with the sisterhood of spiritual growth and love. We will share this love by reaching out to share God’s grace.

      What: Women’s Retreat

(all women 16 and older welcome)

When: Saturday August 12  9-11:30 AM

Where: Fellowship Hall of Grace UCC

RSVP: by August 6 to Jenn Weaver or 717.451.9703




To sponsor flowers or bulletins for worship services, please contact the church office 632-1146 for open dates.




After a very amazing and informative bus trip, we now have ahead of us a lot of busy-work filled days to complete projects.  First up will be the peach pie sale beginning in August.  Early orders will be appreciated.  Oh, so good!!


Can you believe our kitchen was papered and painted in 2006 (a Ladies of Grace project?)  At that time, the cupboards were lined and the dishes were washed and arranged.  Here's the shocker:  NOT SINCE!  We always seem to be in a hurry after projects.  So we really need to show some love and care.


Could you please help on Friday, 11 August to wash and dry dishes and to organize certain areas?  Remember:  You need volunteer hours.  Here's a chance!  Ladies of Grace used to have a kitchen committee, but it's long gone.  Please call and offer a few hours.


Our next bus trip will be on Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 3.  We plan to do Charleston, SC—just voted the most popular city in America—to see the only tea plantation in North America, run by Bigelow.  A great tour there!  Then a guided tour of the city, including the Battery, Citadel, and market place.  Dinner will be at a lovely restaurant:  Hymans.  Then on to Charlotte, NC, to see NASCAR and Billy Graham's Library (Super– A must see!)  Then on to Ashville, NC, for the famous Biltmore Mansion and more.  As we like to say, “If it's there, we”ll see it.”

Call for information.  


Mary Jane


Please note:

Pastor Robin will be on vacation from Tuesday, August  15 – Monday, August 21. Pastor Melissa will be available for ministry needs.


"This Week at Grace"


Corby Myers updates the “Today at Grace” email and the church website.  If you would like publicity on the “Today at Grace” page or other church publication, please fill out the Grace Publicity Request page at on the church website. You can also find a link in the “Today at Grace” email. You can either print the request form or or email it. While a form may sound a bit formal, it does help you to share the information that we need for your publicity.


Rev. Melissa Eicholtz  records the The Bible Study and Prayer Line every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 717-632-1819 access 86212#


Thank You


Dear Church Friends, 

Just a note to thank all of you for the many prayers, meals, visits, cards, and taxi service during my recovery.  What great love I felt. 

You are the BEST! 

Thank you,   Pam Kreitz


Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, calls, and cards during my recent surgery and recovery.  Thanks to Pastor Robin for his visit and prayer in the hospital.

    Fran Bixler

Wednesday, June 28, was a most Blessed day in the Church Office.  We received a phone call from our dear friend and Grace member Bill Roelke.  He very much appreciates receiving the weekly Worship Service folders and monthly Newsletters and wanted to let us know how much he misses us and is very interested in how we are all coming along these days.  Please consider sending Bill a note to remind him that Grace's love is far-reaching and most certainly extended to him!  They can be sent to:  

William Roelke

1400 Ohio Avenue

Alamorgordo, NM  88310  

Thank You!!!

Grace WISE Mental Health Awareness


The Grace WISE Mental Health Awareness group announces their meeting schedule for the rest of the calendar year.

We will be meeting in Fellowship Hall at 7:00 PM the third Wednesday of each month:  August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, and December 20.

Program for each meeting will be announced when information is available.   All are welcome to join this supportive group in an effort to promote awareness and foster understanding of mental health issues that affect so many folks today.  We are a nonjudgmental, loving group who care.  Light refreshments will be served. For more information please contact the Church Office at 717-632-1146.  Stop in and see what we are all about.  Bring a friend!





The Youth Group meets on Sunday mornings from 9:45AM to 10:30AM.  All youth, 5th grade and older are invited to join us.


Sharing God's Grace


Sharing God's Grace has set a goal of $5,000 to be our project this year, as well as a new goal of 750 volunteer hours donated by our congregation.  Volunteer hours can be counted from any community (outside of church) outreach activity.  Examples:  PAL, New Hope Ministries, Hanover Hospital, bedpads, etc.

Collections for the project are on the last Sunday of the month until the end of December.  Envelopes will be in the pews for your use anytime and the last Sunday of the month an opportunity will be given to bring your financial or volunteer hours to the front at the beginning of the last hymn. Checks should be made to Grace UCC with PAL in the memo line.


Vacation Bible School

Thank You


Our Vacation Bible School was a success because of all the wonderful volunteers and all of you in the congregation who donated to the program and kept us in your prayers.


The theme was Maker Fun Factory – Created by God- Built for a Purpose. The children learned: God Made You, God Is Always With You, God Is For You, God Made You For A Reason, and God Will Always Love You.


Our dedicated team of volunteers included:

Sara Shank & Liz Hossler – decorations

Kathy Trimmer & Deb Rickrode – music

Allison Myers & Donna Bankert -snacks

Liz Hossler, Lexi Knopp, & Jennifer Baldwin – preschool children

Joleen Fennell, Faye Myers, Cindy Garrett – school age children

Tina Hagarman – photographer

Dave Fawks – Inventor Fisselcrank

Ann Heindl – help where needed

Tony Heindl– sound system & lights

Pastor Robin Keating – interacting and sharing prayers with the children


The children donated single serve items and money to Ruth’s Harvest, a ministry of the Hanover Area Council of Churches that provides healthy meals and snacks for the weekend for eligible elementary students. We had an amazing week as we experienced learning about how God made us and built us for a purpose.


Linda Bixler VBS Coordinator


Volunteers Needed for Valet Service


Each Sunday volunteers are available at the elevator entrance to assist as needed.  Occasionally there is a need to park a car.    This service has received many positive comments and is greatly appreciated.  

More volunteers are needed to assist with this service.  You would be scheduled every 5 or 6 weeks depending on the number of volunteers. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Linda Bixler 632-5606.


Sewing Group – New Windsor Project


The Sewing Group will be taking a break from bed pads in July and August.  Instead, we will be volunteering for service projects in New Windsor.  Please join us on Wednesday,  August 9.  We meet at the church at 7AM and carpool to New Windsor.  If you are interested, please contact Linda Sager or Donna Bankert.


Attention members and friends of Grace as you are doing your cleaning of drawers and closets, the bed pad ministry could use clean, threadbare  sheets and pillow cases to continue their work in service of the need for the community.


Weis & Giant Grocery Cards


Do you shop at Weis or Giant? Weis & Giant grocery cards are an easy way to support our Deacon Fund as we earn 5% when we use these grocery cards. They are available in the church office.


What is the Deacon's Fund?


The Grace Church Deacon's Fund is used to assist those members of our congregation who may experience emergency financial need.  The






Volunteers Needed


We are scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted.  If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Sat of the month, please contact:  Craig Bixler 632-5606






Grace United Church of Christ is scheduled to help out at the clothing bank on the first Monday of the month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

The Clothing Bank needs your help!

We are looking for individuals who are available to come and sort clothing and items. Sorters are needed 8:30-11AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cashiers are needed 9AM-12 noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and on the first Saturday of the month when the Clothing Bank is open from 9 AM to 12. If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity please contact the Council office at 717-633-6353.


August Needs



Mustard,Regular Coffee, Sugar, Hot Chocolate, Cooking Spray, Old rags for cleaning



School Supplies, Diapers (all sizes), Ladies/Men’s Underwear, Socks (all), Towels, hand towels, wash clothes    



Shower cleaner, Multi-purpose cleaner, Glass cleaner



All single serving please!   

We need to build up our supplies for next fall over the summer.

V-8 Juice or 100% Orange Juice, Chicken, Ham, or Tuna salad (cans or kits), Peanut Butter, Teddy Grahams/Animal Crackers/Goldfish, Fruit Cups/Canned Fruit/Fruit Roll-ups, Pudding, Ravioli/Soup/Stews/Chili/Mini-Meals, Vegetables, Microwave Popcorn, Pouched Fruit Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Non-refrigerated Milk.  


We always have a need for old towels that can be cut up and used as cleaning rags! Please mark your bag “RAGS” to avoid any confusion with your donation.




If you are unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for please find a substitute and/or inform the church secretary.



Head ushers:  Carol Spangler-Solomon,

          Sue Fuhrman, Mike Bankert  


August   6& 13   Jedd Beall, Betsy Beall,

                          Becky  Boyer,  Rick Boyer,

                          Matt Boyer, Fay Emlet


August 20 & 27  Craig Bixler, Linda Bixler                 

                           Mike Harter, Michelle Harter                 

                           Cooper Heindl, Tony Heindl



August   6:  Rick Boyer

August 13:  Faye Myers

August 20:  TBA

August 27:  Jenn Weaver


Calling All Readers:  Please Help!

We are looking for some people to help with lectoring.  If you can help please leave a message in the office or on my answering machine!  Thanks for your help.  

Faye Myers (632-6361)



August   6:  Ron & Judy Rummel

August 13:  Kris, Holly, & Ryan Smith

August 20:  Barry & Donna Bankert

August 27:  Betsy Eyler



        Acolyte & Reader

August   6:  Cobie Caler

August 13:  Sydney Bankert

August 20:  Vance Hagarman

August 27:  Kristina Newman




Beginning Sunday, July 2, the Nursery will be closed for the Summer. 

Please consider helping with this Ministry that cares for our young ones during Worship Service when it re-opens beginning Sunday, 10 September. 

Contact Nancy Kuhn 637-2713 for more information and to sign up for an assignment date.  





The Coffee Hour will be on hiatus for the summer.  It will resume in September.  We are grateful to Janet Black for coordinating the Coffee Hour effort and the good folks who take their weekly turn. 





If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service,  please contact

Pam Kreitz 717-476-9511.




If you are interested in helping, please contact Tina Hagarman 633-5309.


Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.