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Last Update:  September 19, 2017


Search Committee Update: 

The search committee, consisting of Amy Fawks, Patti Miller, Donna Bankert, Ken Wenger, Matt Boyer, Merle Whisler, Gary Rickrode, Beverly Speight-Mohamed, Linda Bixler, Liz Hossler, and Dan Trimmer, have met and reviewed the first round of five pastoral candidate profiles.  At this time, after prayerfully considering the candidates, we feel that we have not found a candidate who is a "match" for Grace.  We are still awaiting more candidate profiles from Penn Central Conference and will update you as we continue our search.   


Congregation Meeting to Approve Expenses for Repairing the Sanctuary Windows:

The exterior sanctuary windows are badly deteriorated.  Estimates for the work to be done on 14 double and 2 single windows including replacing any rotted wood sills, covering the sills with white aluminum, touching up and completely painting and caulking the rest of the wood windows are below:

Robert G. Miller:  Replace one rotted window sill and cover all sills with white aluminum at a cost of $2300.00.  Any additional rotted sills will be replaced at $65.00 per hour per man.

R. H. Mummert:  Prep, spot prime, apply finish coat to window frames at a cost of $2245.  An additional cost of $540.00 to recaulk around glass where silicone caulk is located and paint.  R. H. Mummert total, $2785.00

There will be congregational meetings Sunday, October 1, 2017, after both worship services for questions, comments, and vote.


Prayer Line and Bible Study (updated with date correction):  A few changes have come to our Prayer/Bible Study Line. Patti Miller will be recording the message on Tuesdays and Fridays.  She will, of course, update any changes to the prayer requests both days, and then on Tuesdays, she will present a short Bible Study and prayer.  On Fridays, she will briefly introduce Pastor’s Keating’s focus for the following Sunday and read the poem for that Sunday.  We hope that you find these messages uplifting and valuable.  

To access the message, dial 1-717-632-1819 and then enter the access code: 86212.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Patti a call at 1-717-451-1913.


Two Ways to Help With Hurricane Harvey Recovery

1.  Money for recovery is needed.  The UCC Disaster Ministry is raising money for siding, windows, floors, roofs, dry wall and counseling and case management to help survivors for the years the recovery will take.  Go to for more information or ear mark a contribution in the offering plate for “UCC Disaster Ministry.”

2. Friends of Lazarus at Grace are assembling 8 or more cleanup bucket kits for Church World Service.  Information about the CWS bucket kits and items to be purchased can be found on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall next to the double doors.  If you decide to make a monetary donation to CWS kits, please mark the donation “CWS Bucket Kits” and place in the blue Lowe’s buckets set out Sunday mornings.  See Craig or Linda Bixler about more details for the CWS bucket kits.


Grace Membership Policy and Funeral Policy – The Consistory recently approved the Grace Membership Policy and Funeral Policy to be sent to the congregation for comments and votes.  There will be time for questions and comments about the policies after both worship services Sunday, September 24, 2017.  The congregation will have the opportunity to vote on the policies Sunday, October 1, 2017 after both worship services.

Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.