Days of Grace January 2016


January 2016

The Days of Grace


Grace United Church of Christ






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Church Office Hours

Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M.

Friday 8:00 A.M.– 1:00 P.M.


Pastor: Rev. Dr. Bruce P. Bouchard

Visitation : Rev. Dot Thormaehlen

Organist/Choir Director: Harold E. Heller

Assistant  Music Director: Sara E. Shank

Modern Service Worship Director:

    Amy Fawks

Modern Service Music Coordinator:

    Kathy Trimmer

Secretary/Bookkeeper: Linda DeMaio

Sextons:  Sandy Puterbaugh and

           Faye Myers


Modern Service 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Church School 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM

Traditional Worship Service 10:45 AM


Pastor Bouchard’s Cell Phone:


Pastor’s Home Phone:  630-2570

Rev. Bruce Bouchard’s e-mail address:


Pastor Dorothy Thormaehlen Cell Phone:



Info/Prayer/Bible Study Line



Grace Church Office e-mail address:


Newsletter e-mail: (deadline is 15th of the month)


9:00–9:45 AM Modern Worship Service

9:45-10:30 AM Church School for All Ages

10:45-11:45 AM  Traditional Worship Service




As the winter approaches, you will find weather related closings and cancellations through our church e-mail, on our website, and by dialing the Bible Study and Prayer Line at 717-632-1819, access code 86212#. Groups like the Chancel Choir, Confirmation, and other groups with clear membership usually contact you for a schedule change.  

We seldom cancel a worship service because people usually show up anyway. If we do, we will also call WHVR, WCYR, and WGTY. We will also  post it on the WGAL website because church service cancellations no longer qualify for WGAL on air time.


In the Bleak Midwinter

There is something magical about the Christmas Season. There seems to be a spirit in the air that something wonderful is about to happen. The world is filled with love and caring. The light of Christ seems to almost thaw the cold of winter.


In January, the magic all goes away. We are back to life as usual. There will be no more presents, parties, celebrations, and decorations. Even the Christmas carols seem to disappear.


How do we find happiness if there is nothing more to expect, nothing to celebrate, and no spirit of love that seems to be with all people?


God has not gone away. Nothing has really changed. Here are simple ways to celebrate God in our daily lives:


Count the blessings in each day. We often look at just the problems, the work, and the responsibility. You would not have that work without the blessing of a job. You would not have a house to clean without a house. You would not have the responsibilities of a family without having a family. Counting your blessings will not make the problems, the work, and the responsibility go away. Instead, it will help you to realize that you are working with a life that has received many gifts. God must love you greatly to empower you in such a way. How many people in this world do not have the blessing that you do?


Celebrate what is meaningful and good in your life. We often think that there is nothing to be happy about unless we have a fantastic, glorious, stupendous time. Most events are much less enchanting. As you are about to go to sleep each night, go over not just the worries and the troubles. Give those to God and appreciate the good that happened to you in that day. Talking to friend might not have been material for a TV special, but it might have been nice. The meal that you had for supper might not be featured in a TOP Chef  drama, but it might have been very pleasing. The beautiful sunset you saw might not have drawn applause from the multitude, but it may have reminded you of the God, who created such artwork.


Listen very carefully. God is calling you in different moments of your day to share the love that you have received. Share your caring, your wealth, and your faith with others. In doing so, you will discover how rich you really are.


So the winter may be very bleak or it might be balmy. The sky might be bright or cloudy. Christmas may be all over. But if you and I allow the light and love of Christ to shine through our lives, it will not need to be bleak anymore.


Blue Christmas


Underwhelmed by the thought of Christmas this year? Wishing things were different in life? Not looking forward to the let down that follows the festivities? Why not join us for a Blue Christmas service at 7:00 PM on January 6, 2016. This is the first of many events brought to you by the Grace WISE Mental Wellness team. It will take place in the Fellowship Hall of the Church



Grace Notes


We thank Jennifer Weaver for Grace Notes. Each week, Jenn Weaver and Sue Lang put one together to advertise some event at church, but most often one of our worship services.


If you have a Facebook account, you can share  Grace Notes with your friends. As you do, you will get the message out to hundreds of people. Together, we can reach thousands. Please share  “Grace Notes” with your friends on Facebook. It is easy. On Facebook, go to the “Graceful Notes” page. Find the image. Click on share. Click to your timeline. In this way, you will reach all your friends with this powerful message about our faith and our church. Thank you!


Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, January 24, 2016

following the Traditional Service


Volunteers Clearances

We have been worked very hard to encourage all the volunteers, who work with children to get their volunteer clearances from the state well in advance of the deadline. All of our employees have these clearances. The following volunteers also have them.

Donna Bankert   Danielle Benner   Kristine Benner Linda Bixler          Janet Black        Joleen Fennell       Susan Foerster       Betty Freed      Tina Hagarman     Linda Heller          Linda Huber      Nancy Kuhn Michael Mummert  Debra Rickrode  Gary Rickrode

Glendon Ruhlman Ashley Rummel    Linda Sager

Joann Sites           Johanna Sites         Holly Smith

Carol Spangler-Solomon                  Joyce Wagner       Jenn Weaver       Deborah Wierman

Please thank them for their good effort when you see them. A few more volunteers have also gone through the application process and are waiting to receive more documents in the mail.


We Need Your Help to Keep Our Children Safe

Does the church have a copy of your clearances?

As you know, all of us, who work with children or supervise them, need to have background clearance. State law demands this of us.

We have application forms that are available in both the large transept and Narthex of the Sanctuary and the back table in Fellowship Hall. Fill them in and mail them. There is no charge.  You will receive a document from the state with your clearances. We must have a copy of your record. Or, you can go to our “Today at Grace” page and click on a link that gives you the directions to fill them in on line. Your efforts are most appreciated!


Lifetree Café


We will be hosting another Lifetree Café at Grace Church at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, January 20, 2016, with a snow date on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. This will not only be for the members of Grace, but we have also invited several other congregations and their pastors to take part in the experience. Kathy and Mark Sterrett from St. Paul’s Stoverstown will be moderating this session. Following the Lifetree Café, we will have a meeting to talk about the ways that our churches, working together,  might share in presenting a weekly Lifetree Café for those, who have little experience attending church.


2016 Contribution Envelopes…


are available in Fellowship Hall.  Please remember to collect your set of them and grab a 2016 Calendar, compliments of Wetzel Funeral Home.  If you do not see your envelopes in the group, please contact the Church Office.  The envelope system is the most efficient way to keep track of your generous donations to Grace Church.  Thank you!


Church Directory

Please inform the church office if there are any changes to your address, phone number, or email address.


Annual Reports

"tis the Season to…


… celebrate all of our Blessings, including our many activities and ministries that make Grace Church so special. Take this a step further,  and PLEASE submit your Annual Reports on these many wonderful efforts so that our Annual Report can be complete.  If you are not sure of whether or not to submit an article, assume that you should (!), and please contact the Church Office.


 Reports are due by Friday, January 8, 2016.  Thank you!


Consistory Digest

December 14, 2015


There were 15 members of Consistory present at the meeting which included Pastor Bouchard.

Treasurer’s Report:

General Pledge for November 2015 = $16,912

                    (5 Sundays)

General Pledge for November2014 = $16,946

                    (5 Sundays)

YTD 2015 Income = $234,189

YTD 2015 Expenses = $225,247

YTD Overage = $8,942

Checking Account Balances

  • Operating:     $ 22,795

  • Deacon:         $18,977

  • Education:     $10,688

  • Memorial:     $39,133

  • Resource:        $7,442

The proposed budget for 2016 was presented and approved. There is a 2.7% increase from the previous year.  It reflects real expenditures and savings throughout the year.

There is still 1 consistory opening for next year.

Trustees reported that the parking lot needs to be resealed next year and there are 2 racks of old metal folding chairs which are no longer used and need to be removed.

The Grace WISE Mental Wholeness Team will have a Blue Christmas service on Wednesday, January 6 in Fellowship Hall for all those that experienced a Christmas let down.

Prepared by Linda Bixler

December 15, 2015


  • Resource Committee


We are planning a bus trip for July to Mackinac Island.  Details will be available soon.  There is a lot of interest on this one,so call if you need to see information.

Call Mary Jane Fuhrman 637-1513


Sewing Group – January 12


Calling all pinners and sewers to help with the bed pad project. Starting time is 9:00 AM and we finish at 11:00 AM. We take a short break with snacks.

If any questions you can contact Linda Sager or Leone Musselman

The next meeting will be on February 9.

Attention members and friends of Grace as you

are doing your cleaning of drawers and closets,

the bed pad ministry could use clean sheets and pillow cases to continue their work in service

of the need for the community.


Linda Sager and Leone Musselman


 Hanover Has Talent

Saturday, February 6, 2016

2:00 PM

Eichelberger Performing Arts Center

195 Stock Street

Hanover, PA 17331

Contest Applications due  December 21.

Contestant Applications are now available at the church office or on the church website.  

Auditions  – Saturday. January 9, 2016


Community Aid Collection Box

The Community Aid box is the ongoing effort of collecting gently used clothing and other small items. The Community Aid collection box is located at the far end of our church parking lot. Donations of clean, good clothes are appreciated. The sale of these items allows Community Aid to donate proceeds to various charities in our area.


To sponsor flowers or bulletins for worship services, please contact the church office

632-1146 for open dates.


In Loving Memory


John R. Dubs III

Larry Moose




Church World Service Hygiene Kits


Friends of Lazarus, a new group at Grace, will collect items for CWS Hygiene Kits until mid January.  Kits will be assembled Sunday, January 17, 2016. Collection boxes will be located in the hall outside the parlor and at the Fourth Street front entrance coat rack.  You are welcome to donate kit items or complete kits.

Kits consist of the following items:

  • One hand towel measuring approx. 16” x 28” (no fingertip or bath towels)

  • One washcloth

  • One wide tooth comb

  • One nail clipper

  • One bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)

  • One toothbrush (in original packaging)

  • Six standard size Band Aids


For complete kits:  Place all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure, remove excess air from bag, and seal.  

Please do not add toothpaste to the hygiene kit.  Cartons of toothpaste that have extended expiration dates will be added prior to shipment.


Spiritual Groups at Grace


Rev. Bruce Bouchard is leading a Bible study on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 PM.  

Sisters Through Christ meet on Wednesdays, at 1:00 PM.  They are reading the book, Jesus is the Question.

Bread and Grace led by Rita Bouchard(630-2570)  meets at the Parsonage next door to the church on

Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. They are continuing to read the book, Jesus is the Question.


Weis & Giant Grocery Cards

Do you shop at Weis or Giant? Weis & Giant grocery cards are an easy way to support our Deacon Fund as we earn 5% when we use these grocery cards. They are available in the church office.

What is the Deacon's Fund?

The Grace Church Deacon's Fund is used to assist those members of our congregation who may experience emergency financial need.  The need may arise from poverty, illness, accident, jog loss, fire, or other difficult situations.




The Youth Group (TWIC) would like to thank Harold Heller for donating the peaches for the Peach Social and Linda Heller for making the peach jelly and donating it to the Youth Group to sell as a fund raiser. We would also like to thank all those who have supported the youth in their many activities.  

The youth donated 8 cases of peas to the New Hope Ministries for their Thanksgiving project.  

The Youth will sponsor another family movie matinee Sunday, January 17, 2016, beginning at 2 PM.  The feature will be a movie for older youth and adults.  There will be a “kid friendly” movie and activities for children under 12 years of age in the youth room. Snacks and beverages will be provided.  

On Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2016, the youth will have their annual “souper bowl” pots available to collect donations of money and soup cans for PAL Lunch program.  We will also be selling dried soup mixes again this year with all profits from the soup sale going to PAL lunch as well.  


Sharing God’s Grace


Our project 2015 is the Hanover Council of Churches which provides many (actually 18) necessary services to individuals and families in the greater Hanover area including:

  • PAL lunch 7 days a week,

  • Year round shelter providing temporary housing and assistance in getting a fresh start,

  • Clothing Bank for those in need.

Our 2015 goal is $5,000.  We have been given a two step challenge by our angel. Through the end of the year, each dollar given in offering for the project will be matched dollar for dollar up to $6,000.


Contributions may be made during the final hymn on December 27.  Of course one may place a contribution in the offering plate (or mail to the church office) any time using the marked envelope in the pew. Checks should be made payable to Grace UCC designating Hanover Area Council of Churches on the memo line of the check.

This challenge is for all contributions by individuals.  Let’s take this wonderful challenge and do our very best. In this way we can share God’s grace with the less fortunate in our community.




I would like to Thank You, my Grace Church family, for including me in the recent mailing to college students during finals. It is so nice to know you are thinking of us and supporting us as we further our education!

God Bless,

Dani Benner


Helen Bechtel sends along her most sincere Thanks for the wonderful Grace Christmas Carolers who gifted her with songs of the season recently.  She enjoyed their visit so very much and especially enjoyed the children.  Their sincerity and love made it very special.  Many Thanks!


Thanks to Pastor Bouchard for his visits during my stay at the hospital.  Thanks also for everyone's cards and prayers as I recover at home.

Edith Bowman


To the members of Grace Church,

Thank you for being a part of my 80th birthday celebration.  Beginning with arriving at church and seeing members of my family present, continuing with your singing “Happy Birthday”, and following an inspiring sermon, receiving your good wishes downstairs was wonderful.

Thank you for your birthday cards, notes, and good wishes as they continued through out the week.

With deep appreciation,

Leone Musselman


Thank you for the prayers for our brother Larry Moose.  He had a long journey and your thoughtfulness helped all of us.  Thank you also for the cards and phone calls.

Special thank you to Pastor Bruce for his comforting visits and prayers.  We are truly blessed to be a member of such a wonderful church family.  God bless all of you.

Linda and Richard Blettner and family  


From Jenn Weaver

  • Thank You to everyone who participated in the November paint a long. We had a great day, created some amazing art and raised $150 for Hanover Area Council of Churches in the process. Stay tuned for details on another one.

  • On behalf of all the parents of young children in the church, Thank you to Janet Black and Tina Hagarman for organizing the Christmas program. And a special Thank you to Linda Heller for her efforts at reviving the children's choir. It was so great to see so many kids this year.

  • A huge Thank you to Linda Bixler and Tina Hagarman for organizing the kids play, parents breathe time (aka, free babysitting before Christmas) You have no idea how much this was appreciated!!






Grace United Church of Christ is scheduled to help out at the clothing bank on the first Monday of the month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.



We are also scheduled for PAL lunch the third Saturday each month. Help is always needed and accepted.


January Needs



Scalloped Potatoes, Parmesan Cheese,

Hot Chocolate, Tea Bags



Sheet Sets (all sizes, crib, twin, full, queen),

Men’s Winter Gloves, Full-Size Toiletries



Coffee, Men’s Winter Gloves,

Ziploc Sandwich Bags, Mr. Clean



All single serving please!   

Any regular donations: Entrees, Canned Fruit, Canned Veggies, Snacks, Breakfast


We always have a need for old towels that can be cut up and used as cleaning rags! Please mark your bag

“RAGS” to avoid any confusion with your donation.


PAL Lunch

Volunteers Needed

If you would like to volunteer to help at PAL lunch on the 3rd Sat of the month, please contact:

 Craig Bixler 632-5606 or

Rita Bouchard 630-2570




If you are unable to serve a position that you are scheduled for please find a substitute and/or inform the church secretary.



Head Ushers:  Mike Harter & Dan Trimmer

January 3    Communion – Consistory

January 10 & 17  Linda Bixler, Craig Bixler,

    Eugene Bixler, Troy Bish, Sharon Bish, Linda Sager

January 24  & 31 Ken Wenger, Betsy Eyler, Mike Stonesifer, Steph Stonesifer,    

    John Storm, Melissa Storm    



January 3    Matt Boyer – Assisting Elder

January 10    Rita Bouchard

January 17    Judy Lawrence

January 24    Greg Sindlinger

January 31    Pastor Dot Thormaehlen



        Acolyte & Reader

January 3    Valerie Utz

January 10    Cobie Caler

January 17    Sydney Bankert

January 24    Vance Hagarman

January 31    Kristina Newman



January 3    Michele Rudisill, Paige Harget, Faye Myers

January 10    Darlene & Keith Potts, Joleen Fennell

January 17    Elizabeth Eyler, Holly Smith, Kim Aumen

January 24    Alda Heller, Steph Welper, Jenn Weaver

January 31    Donna Bankert, Linda Sager, Ashley Rummel


Nursery Help Needed

Our Nursery staff is in search of helpers so that we may be able to continue to provide this service during our Sunday morning Worship Services.  Please contact Nancy Kuhn or the Church Office, to join in on the fun that is our Nursery Ministry!!!



January 3    Consistory

January 10    Betsy Eyler

January 17    Jedd & Betsy Beall

January 24    Betsy Eyler

January 31    Jedd & Betsy Beall




January 3    Jenn & Shannon Weaver

January 10    Leslie & Paul Grote

January 17    Teresa McCleary & Julie Kress

January 24    No coffee hour – annual meeting

January 31    Steph & Aaron Welper





If you are interested in providing refreshments for the modern service,  please contact Pam Kreitz 717-476-9511.



If you are interested in helping, please contact Tina Hagarman 633-5309.

Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.