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Alice Fox
Celebrating 100 Years of Life

Saturday, October 3, 2015, Grace UCC
held a birthday party for Alice Fox, one of our long-time, faithful members to celebrate her 100th birthday!
Sentiments were shared and gifts were presented to Alice with many on hand to enjoy and spend a wonderful afternoon in October with one amazing lady!  

Alice Fox – 100 Years October 3, 2015
DSC05371Our Guest of Honor – Alice Fox
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P1020034 P1020032
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DSC05368 DSC05361
DSC05343 DSC05337
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DSC05323 DSC05322
DSC05315 DSC05307
DSC05306 DSC05304
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DSC05261 DSC05260
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DSC05244 DSC05241
DSC05243 DSC05240
DSC05296 P1020043
DSC05324 DSC05289


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