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Grace United Church of Christ
Organ Restoration Project

The New Organ began service on
Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Organ Brochure as Single Column Document

John Peragallo Performed the Dedicatory Concert
Sunday, November 16, 2014  3:00 P.M.

TThe 1940 M. P. Moller pipe organ has undergone a rebuild by the Peregallo Organ Company in Patterson, New Jersey.  In that process, the pipes were removed from the chambers and taken to the factory for refurbishing, that is cleaned and any repairs that were needed were made.  The organ rebuilding was designed to take the instrument many years into the future. With that, the two manual (keyboard) console was removed and replaced with a new three manual console.  The new console was designed to match the architecture and wood color of the sanctuary.  Along with the refurbishing of the pipes, digital sound has been added to enlarge the organ in sound, giving the organist the ability to use different combinations for sound effects in the music that is being presented. 

These are pictures from the plant, Peragallo workshop and the church during the installation.

The first set of pictures are of the pipes after being cleaned and restored and inserted into the new organ windchests. John Peragallo took the pictures on a visit by Harold E. Heller, our church organist and choir director.

organ-disassem-web-1 organ-disassem-web-5
organ-disassem-web-4 organ-disassem-web-2
Installing the Organ at Grace
DSC00447 DSC00449
DSC00450 DSC00451
DSC00452 DSC00453
DSC00454 DSC00455
DSC00457 DSC00458
DSC00459 DSC00460
DSC00461 DSC00464
DSC00465 DSC00466
The New Organ Console  
20141010_131134 20141010_131108
20141010_131748 DSC00475
DSC00474 New Organ Console
Future Organists??  angel
Harold Heller's grandkids at the new organ Nov. 2014










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