Personal Energy Transportation

   Personal Energy Transportation (P.E.T.)

Grace UCC has worked on the P.E.T. project last fall. We were working with ProjectShare in Carlisle PA.   ProjectShare is a Food Bank in Carlisle that along with providing food to local people, built P.E.T. units for poor people all over the world. Unfortunately ProjectShare for legal reasons, needs to separate P.E.T. from their Food Bank. This means a different location and probably a new person in charge. Would anyone like to step up to take charge and help relocate in or towards the Hanover area?

The unit that is built is a Tri-cycle that has hand petals so that a person without the use of legs (lost in a landmine or other ways) can get around. We are making parts for them, and they are shipping complete units. Hopefully we will be approved in the future to build the whole thing. This past fall, Brad Arnold, Richard Erdman, Craig & Linda Bixler, Donna Bankert and Robby Moul have helped by providing money for materials, cutting lumber or painting the steel frame.

We would like to soon start doing work for P.E.T. again and if you would like to help, please call Les Loucks at 717.755.2868.

Christ calls us to reach out with Love and share God's Grace.