Grace PAL and Southwestern Women’s Basketball Team

Grace Provide-a-Lunch Teams up with the Southwestern Women's Basketball Team. Provide-a-Lunch is a free noon meal for those in need sponsored by the Hanover Area Churches. Many congregations in Hanover send a team to prepare and serve the noon day meal. They do this everyday of the year!
The Grace Team provides the meal on the third Saturday of the Month.
Craig Bixler and Rita Bouchard head two different teams that take turns having the priviledge of serving the meal from Grace. 
On Saturday, December 19, 2015, Grace had the honor of working with the Women's Basket Ball Team from Southwestern High School in Hanover.
Everyone was a winner!
The Southwestern Team is featured in these pictures.
pic-0 pic-1 pic-2 pic-3 pic-4 pic-5